Marshall Barnes, R&D Eng Launches "Super" Start-up, Against To The Stars Academy/Hover Brothers

Now that World Patent Marketing is destroyed and Ronald Mallett is facing total discrediting, Marshall Barnes has launched his answer to Tom DeLonge's To The Stars Academy and the Hover Brothers, a new start-up with breakthroughs in quantum physics.
The Technologies of Infinity trademark logo
The Technologies of Infinity trademark logo
YELLOW SPRINGS, Ohio - May 10, 2018 - PRLog -- Proving once again that he is on the leading edge of competitive innovation and creativity,
Marshall Barnes, R&D Eng - the internationally noted and followed research and development engineer, has finally launched his new start-up which will be his answer to Tom DeLonge's To The Stars Academy, as well as the Hover Brothers, both firms who claim to be on the leading edge of advanced concept science and technology development. Marshall's Technologies of Infinity, however, is introducing a higher standard for experience and actual technological achievement than both companies combined, and the nature of its business has him calling it a "super start-up".

Technologies of Infinity™ runs the gamut from aerospace, space tourism, consciousness, mind products, and blue sky research to thematic events, music and live entertainment technology and even an advanced automotive division. As Marshall reported, Wednesday, his company has already gotten 15% of its seed amount and they haven't even seriously started raising money yet.

"The seed money will be raised through a variety of channels and used to launch activities producing revenues almost immediately", Marshall said. "That will put us on target to go after the main funding we're looking for to quickly achieve goals that will put us securely on top in a global position for advanced concept technology and science."

Marshall isn't phased by To The Stars Academy or Hover Brothers, in fact he's excited they exist. They provide examples to investors that his ideas are not too far out and he can be a dominant competitor because he already has the kinds of advanced technologies and intellectual capital, the others are trying to acquire.

"I see To The Stars Academy and Hover Brothers as two other companies trying to make their mark. I don't think there's a way for us to work together, although it is possible - and people have asked me about it, but there are too many down sides in as far as their positioning. For one, I'm so far ahead of them, there's very little they could offer, perhaps business opportunities on the part of Tom DeLonge's group, but that's about it. I don't care about the whole UFO thing that they're into, in fact we'll be launching our UFO hunting project for the public to participate in - as kind of a lark, but we have no dedication to disclosure because when you possess technology to potentially accomplish, what it is expected in the theoretical physics world from a sufficiently advanced alien civilization, you don't care about aliens except as to how they may potentially impact what you're doing out in space, but that's predicated first on whether they're real or not. You tell me..."

Marshall says the Hover Brothers are where he was in the '90s, so they've have nothing to offer.

"I don't need their research, which isn't complete in any case, so there's no where to go there."

Marshall points out, on the Technologies of Infinity™ web site, that he shows significant breakthroughs he's done within the last month, yet to have formal news releases for, proving how far beyond his competition he is.

"I accomplished what Yakir Aharonov predicted would be possible - I've miniaturized the quantum trigger type apparatus that could be used in a similar fashion as he suggested back in 1992 for his quantum balloon idea that would effect the flow of time in the balloon's interior. My devices have been tested and successfully replaced a beam splitter and detection area, producing results proving Hugh Everett's Relative State formulation and its connection to the nature of time and Wheeler's Participatory universe model, and are only a couple of inches long."

Marshall feels he is positioned to dominate the field at this point because of two factors - he's not doing research to develop theories and he's not trying to discover new technologies. He already has all of that - in spades and is proving it.

"I'm just making sure the public knows that neither of these two companies are on the cutting edge of the advanced concept science and technology field nor are they alone in that field. In fact, aside from hype and pronounced good intentions, neither one has anything concrete to offer yet."

Technologies of Infinity™ has 15 different divisions, more than Hover Brothers and To The Stars Academy, combined and one of them actually has three parts - Military Tech, Security and Emergency Response, areas where the web site shows Marshall has been developing unique and radical solutions, many already ready to address and solve such problems as rampant wild fires, police and public safety issues and the War on Terror.

"I've been attending a start-up business networking invent all this week," Marshall says, "and I already have a potential new member for my advisory team in the area of fighting forest fires with new technologies and tactics, and a partner through which I'm looking at the opportunity of developing a new kind of cryptography. In addition, I've been advising a film director on innovative ways through which she can get funding for her movie. This is just the beginning as more people learn about the wide spectrum of things that Technologies of Infinity™ is capable of and will be doing shortly, beyond the more exotic things such as advanced propulsion, quantum triggers and helping to develop space tourism."

Marshall's start-up web site may be viewed at Interested media should contact David Gap at

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