Group of Students Accuse Author Guy Lozier of Being an Angel

After finishing a private class of working individually with students one on one, interacting with more than two dozen students, they quietly approached Guy to ask him if he were an Angel.
By: Seventh Sense Publishing
The Seventh Sense
The Seventh Sense
TULSA, Okla. - Feb. 28, 2018 - PRLog -- We uncovered this story about Author Guy Lozier.  In the past, Guy used to teach online.  Spending much of his spare time working with groups, Guy would also work with individuals interacting discussing diverse topics relating to the human species and its potential.

We asked him about this from his past.  He claimed that he was asked to assist a specific set of individuals because they would become great teachers in the future.  When we asked him to explain more, this is what he said.

"Well, I had been having extraordinary experiences at the time which were new types of interaction. Types of communication with individuals which are not 3D based.  That is how I would prefer to explain their identity. They were assisting me to learn new things and at one point they told me about these individuals who needed my assistance as they would be powerful teachers in the future.

"So I asked how I could be of assistance.  What else can we do when we are told that someone needs our help.  There were some students which needed to understand some basic concepts about their own potential and the process they were caught up in.  Basically how some of their parts worked in unison.  One part in particular which was reaching into reality from outside of the 3D Construct.  How it worked with them in their daily life.  I was told there was a particular method which would trigger a process which would manifest physically in their reality.

"A process which would allow a communication with their self.  It was a powerful process which would take control of their body for a few moments to communicate with them.  Answer their questions about specific issues.  It was laid out very plainly for me to follow, like a course.  I was told about future events and what to do when they would happen.  I was told an exact process to follow to manifest and trigger each step.

"So, I agreed to do it.  I did it.  Then it was over.  The students were stunned and came to me later.  They accused me of being an Angel.  I explained to them that I was just like them.  That I wasn't an Angel.  But they could not understand how any human could have the knowledge to accomplish what they experienced.  I can understand their perspective.  There were approximately two dozen students that I worked with on that project.  I was glad I could be of assistance but the students always believed I was not human after that class.  Nothing I could say would change their minds."

We asked Guy if there will be more books like The Seventh Sense.

"I plan on releasing another book.  You might consider it to be book two."

Guy is going to be appearing at the Red Dirt International Film Festival the end of March on the Oklahoma State University Campus as a Featured Speaker and Guest Celebrity.  You can pick up one of his many books during the event as he will be signing autographs and selling his books.

We asked Guy what his favorite part of the book was.  He pulled out his cell phone then explained this.

"While the book changes lives, a powerful torrent of inevitable wind blows across the mind from the pages. The ending has mesmerized the moment in such a mystical breath, a place where images or touches will never find expression. It shines in the focused content where language refuses to manifest as it can't exist.  The ending of the book is my favorite part."

Then he began reading from his cell phone.

"He expanded his story on a personal note, "I awoke. The many faces seared the room with shimmering unreal texture staining the very air I breathed. I would not turn away, I could not. Their voices echoing in silence must be heard. I did not know them and yet I did. As each one touched my soul, burning my vision, knowledge pushed through me. Knowing that each face had been worn by me, it was my day of remembering. All of them ancient beyond words, all different. One stern, another staring back to dare me to forget, each one appearing for but a fraction of an instant to be suddenly replaced by another. Each one burning across my mind, a tempest of knowledge gained from experience. Not all were human. Not all from this planet, the ones that were, painted of the most ancient of days. Yet the faces were unending, lives beyond counting, each one a memory, and each one still alive within me. I could do nothing but honor them. Only given an instance to speak in silence, each one filled the room. I give them their essence still, as I know they call to me, requiring my voice in the Now. To live an eternity in a moment of time breathes a thickness of life where words have no value. And so I have spoken, painting their voices for all to hear, like a river screaming the size of an ocean, it is enough, I know. It has the tones to trigger the ancient hidden locks, the voice of the ages, calling to free the oppressed."

You can find his books on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.
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Location:Tulsa - Oklahoma - United States
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