HoloBuilder Releases Secure E.U. Server Option for Growing European Customer Base

HoloBuilder releases a European version of their leading construction reality capturing solution. In the new version, all data is being stored on German servers. European customers, such as the Max Bögl Group, have been a strong part of the company's global expansion strategy.
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The E.U. Server Option: An alternative to the US-based out-of-the-box solution.
The E.U. Server Option: An alternative to the US-based out-of-the-box solution.
SAN FRANCISCO - Feb. 27, 2018 - PRLog -- HoloBuilder Inc., the leading solution provider for 360-degree reality capturing of construction sites, releases a European version of their construction progress tracking and management software. With the new E.U. Server Option, construction clients from around the globe are able to store HoloBuilder data on trusted Cloud servers located in Frankfurt, Germany. The Microsoft Azure Cloud Server Infrastructure is compliant with the Cloud Computing Compliance Controls Catalog (C5).

One of the first customers using HoloBuilder's E.U. Server Option is the Max Bögl Group, one of the largest privately owned construction companies in Germany. The company's Technical BIM Manager, Denise Gürteler, sees the advantages of HoloBuilder being available for data sensitive projects in Europe as follows:

"For example, HoloBuilder is currently being used on a confidential project in Europe, in which over 2,000 rooms have to be documented. When we have to capture only one 360° image instead of dozens of regular photos for every room in a project of this size, this saves us a lot of time. Besides, the structured approach to data storage, accompanied by the Offline HoloViewer for archiving and the TimeTravel feature are a tremendous help in later project stages."

With all project data being hosted on C5, ISO27001 and ISO27018 certified infrastructure in the European Union, the HoloBuilder E.U. Server Option goes beyond the EU-US privacy shield. Customer data on German Azure Servers can only be accessed by third parties if required by German law.

"When it comes to certificates, we are always looking for the internationally accredited ISO 27001 with the "Statement of Applicability" documents or ISO/IEC 27018, which we always have to require when we are looking cloud solution at Max Bögl," says Harald März, Data Protection Officer at Max Bögl Group.

While HoloBuilder's out of the box solution resides in world-class data centers within the United States, HoloBuilder's E.U. Server Option has all data hosted physically in Europe. Thus, global organizations with projects on both continents are enabled to use HoloBuilder across all projects.

"With the HoloBuilder E.U. Server Option, we have been assured that all project data is stored on a trusted European Microsoft Azure Cloud Environment and no data is being transmitted to insecure third-party countries. Together with a jurisdictional assurance, this was sufficient for us to use HoloBuilder with their E.U. Server Option for project documentation in our highly data sensitive projects in Europe," Harald März adds.

The E.U. Server Option is an important addition to HoloBuilder's on-premise solution, which allows for a deployment process of the full HoloBuilder Construction Solution on servers that are owned by individual companies. HoloBuilder's E.U. Server Option is the counterpart for keeping all assets including images, CAD models and other resources & information on servers within the territory of the European Union.

The operation of a Software Development and Support Facility in Germany is the next step in ensuring data security and privacy in accordance with the new law.  No project data can be transmitted to another country that is considered to be insecure in terms of data security and privacy protection.

It played an important role in the software selection process of the Max Bögl Group that "HoloBuilder operates a software development and support center in Aachen, Germany.  It ensures that data access and processing for support, maintenance and, development tasks also only happens within the European Union. This goes way beyond just setting up servers on E.U. territory," as Harald März points out.

Upcoming and ongoing changes in European law, like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) come into force on May 25, 2018, will substantially increase the statutory obligations for companies regarding the processing of personal data that is stored on servers both inside and outside the EU.

"For our customers with projects in Europe, HoloBuilder's E.U. Server Option allows to keep their project data within the E.U. and thus fulfilling an integral part of the 'General Data Protection Regulation' (GDPR)," says Mostafa Akbari, CEO of HoloBuilder, Inc. "This is an important step towards making scalable and efficient 360° reality capturing of construction sites available to construction teams across the globe."

For more information, please visit www.holobuilder.com.

About HoloBuilder
HoloBuilder, Inc. is a San Francisco based construction technology company that designs, develops, and sells enterprise SaaS software. HoloBuilder offers reality capturing solutions for progress documentation and construction project management. Making use of 360° imagery, computer vision, and AI, HoloBuilder is the fastest and most insightful solution to document construction projects. HoloBuilder's customers include 40% of the Top 100 General Contractors in the United States. Investors include Brick and Mortar Ventures and Tandem Capital.


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