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Tim Hillis PhD, author of 'Theology Reconsidered', is a man of heart.
By: Remnant Nation
'Theology Reconsidered' by Tim Hillis, PhD
'Theology Reconsidered' by Tim Hillis, PhD
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BEIJING - Feb. 20, 2018 - PRLog -- Tim's newly released book Theology Reconsidered: An Evaluation of the Theology of Past Generations in the Light of Current Truth is an exposition of the common beliefs passed from one generation to the next, for the last 500+ years, within Christian circles. It fairly evaluates many of the teachings which have been held so dear, but which Scripture simply does not bear witness to. Using the often forgotten Hebraic context in place of the Greek exegesis usually used to "rightly divide" Scripture, Hillis expertly weaves together areas of Scripture which are frankly in stark contrast and opposition to one another in the English language. Even these often disputed areas of Scripture line up perfectly with the whole of the divine Book when a proper Hebraic context and evaluation is taken into account. Below is a short excerpt from this elegant work:

"In life there are some things we all have in common. We all have a deep need to be accepted and validated. We all need to be needed. We all need someone to love us unconditionally. We all need to feel successful (at least some of the time). We all need to have at least one lifelong friend. We all need someone to listen to us in good times, bad times and almost everywhere in between. I suppose this list could continue throughout eternity really. I want to focus on one in particular. We all need to feel like we have some measure of control in our lives. This can manifest in a million ways too, I suppose. Probably as many as the inexhaustible list I started a moment ago about about the innate needs we all share. What's important here, is our understanding of how this fits into the "seed" thread which runs through Scripture but is so heavily emphasized in the ministry years of Yeshua/ Jesus and the epistles written by the Apostles. To gain insight into that, we will borrow from our study on Soul vs. Spirit : 'While we are all spirit beings, we each have un-redeemed souls (to varying degrees) which must seek their own salvation from the seed of the enemy planted in it, in the garden. This is done by the renewing of the mind by the Word being made life to the soul. But when we preach or teach only 'lifestyle ministry', the human soul will more quickly communicate to another soulish being, the need for "self discipline", "self control", "self, self, self". It is by, through, with, and in Christ (and this way alone) that anyone can truly be freed to live the Christ-life and again, THIS is a spirit matter. The only 'self' involved is that I myself must be willing to allow His will to work out salvation for my entire being - body, soul and spirit."


About the Author
Tim longs to see the Church-Bride fully prepared to meet the King. He passionately follows God's guidance. Currently serving Abba in China, Tim and his wife Naphtali seek to train all believers to walk in a Mark 16:17 & 18 Lifestyle.

17 "(ALL) Believers in my Name will be given the power to perform miracles: they will drive out demons; they will speak in unfamiliar tongues;
18 if they must pick up snakes or are poisoned, they will not be harmed; they will place their hands on sick people, and these will get well."

Miracles, signs, and wonders are considered supernatural. Tim teaches that the supernatural is supposed to, and can be natural in the everyday lives of everyday believers. Teaching this everywhere they go, he and Naphtali activate believers and even entire congregations into the supernatural with their dynamic teaching and fiery preaching. They are a part of a new breed of ministry leadership who live and breathe to see God's love shine clearly and brightly to every person who is willing to take another chance and give it a look. No one can deny the love of a God who takes their pain, heals their body and soul, and brings peace when it can't be found anywhere else. So this is the clarion call that Tim brings to the Body of Messiah - "beat your swords into plowshares and allow the God of Israel to use you to plant His WORD and harvest the multitudes by working His miracles in, with, for, and through you!".

Tim Hillis
Tags:Miracles, Heavenly Encounters, Hebrew Roots
Location:Beijing - Beijing - China
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