The Rev. Jay Lawlor Launches Faith Network for Economic Justice and Pledges Support for "America's Goals"

The economy does not work equally or equitably for everyone. Decades of reporting on poverty, wage and wealth inequality, disparities based on race and gender, and a shrinking middle class offer ample evidence of economic distress for millions of Americans. What is important to remember is that these are not simply data points or economic trend-lines; they represent people. Faith groups need to be active in advocating for economic practices which favor people over money and special interests.
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INDIANAPOLIS - Feb. 9, 2018 - PRLog -- The  Rev. Jay Lawlor, Episcopal priest and former Harvard economist, announces the launch of the Faith Network for Economic Justice (FNEJ) to educate and advocate for an economy of restoration which operates on the principle of neighborly economics for the common good. "The Faith Network for Economic Justice is founded on the understanding that economic justice is central to the testimony found in biblical texts of both the Hebrew and Christian books of the Bible," said the Rev. Jay Lawlor in a statement on his website.

He elaborated by stating that "such a testimony is articulated in the teachings and ministry of Jesus, and evident in the witness of the first disciples. Christian faith in our culture tends to treat economics as a side subject of the biblical tradition rather than a central element of God's activity in the world. The Faith Network for Economic Justice seeks to reclaim the biblical narrative which places economic justice advocacy at the center of faith."

A key concept for FNEJ is partnering with faith groups and organizations of good will in advocating for actionable solutions toward economic justice. The Rev. Jay Lawlor and FNEJ have pledged support for America's Goals drafted by world-renown economist Jeffrey D. Sachs, and his new non-profit SDG USA, based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The Rev. Jay Lawlor has known Prof. Jeffrey Sachs for over twenty years, having first worked for Sachs at Harvard University in the mid-1990s. Early in his vocation as a priest, Lawlor joined with Sachs to promote the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) as a mission priority for The Episcopal Church. Now Lawlor seeks to advance the cause of Americas Goals by forming a broad coalition of faith groups.

"America's Goals are consistent with the biblical testimony of advocating for an economy of restoration. Like the Millennium Development Goals before them, the Sustainable Development Goals will help lift millions globally out of poverty. Americas Goals can inspire positive change and offer a blueprint for the United States toward economic and environmental justice in our own country," said the Rev. Jay Lawlor.

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