Highly Anticipated Blockchain Game, World of Ether, Announces Lucrative Affiliate Program

World of Ether rewards affiliates with $100 for every egg sold in its presale up to the end of Q4 2018.
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NEW YORK - Feb. 5, 2018 - PRLog -- The new decentralized Ethereum based game, World of Ether (worldofether.com), sold almost $500,000 of presale eggs in its first 48 hours of release. Now, just 3 weeks later, the game has introduced an affiliate program to reward sources that are driving sales.

Using cookies, Ethereum smart contracts, and unique affiliate IDs, the program tracks affiliate purchases on a last-click attribution basis.

To get a unique affiliate URL to use, the affiliate simply emails affiliates@worldofether.com with an ETH wallet address.

Commissions of 100 USD per presale egg sold are then paid out in ETH every 48 hours to the ETH wallet address provided.

As of 2/5/18, a single egg is 0.57855 ETH. Upon purchase, the price of the next egg rises by 0.00035 ETH. The first egg was 0 ETH.

As egg or ETH prices increase, commissions are subject to increase as well.

At the end of Q1, 2018, upon launch of the full game, the presale and affiliate program will end. At this time, eggs jump in price by 15% in order to increase reliance on the monster marketplace.

In the full game, all presale eggs will be able to be hatched into monsters that can be bred, battled to increase the player's level which unlocks the ability to breed rarer and more powerful monsters, sired for ETH, and sold on the marketplace for ETH- in a system that could end up being quite profitable for players.

The egg presale owners will be populating the marketplace with monsters, which new players are incentivized to purchase by there being a very high egg price. Presale monsters also have a shorter breeding cooldown period.

To learn more about this program, the World of Ether team has written an extensive Affiliate Documentation which can be accessed at: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Bkrvc2ccBDKrgyP8NMy9www1-0TcG3rW?usp=sharing

World of Ether is translated and available in Chinese, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, and French.


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