Anticipated Cryptocurrency Video Game, World of Ether, Sells Power Ups; Clogs Blockchain

World of Ether selling tradable crystals, giving special powers to monsters in its game.
By: World of Ether LLC
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World of Ether
World of Ether
NEW YORK - Oct. 15, 2018 - PRLog -- World of Ether (, which recently opened its public Beta and clogged the Rinkeby Test Blockchain, just opened its new sale to screaming fans.

The sale offers 'crystals,' in-game power ups on the ERC-20 Ethereum token standard. This brings World of Ether into the sought after real use club, as most ERC-20 tokens sold in infamous ICOs still have no utility as promised, and are just currencies. World of Ether, by comparison, has a product out and a proven use case.

There are five types of crystals, each with different powers, and the strongest crystal, the Astral crystal, is limited to only a few thousand in the universe, decreasing indefinitely with each used. This means eventually this crystal will permanently be used up.

World of Ether first made headlines back in January when it opened its original presale, selling half a million dollars of digital assets in under 48-hours. This new sale is made with the understanding that the game is finally nearing its full launch.

World of Ether is a "cryptocollectible" game on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Video games using blockchain technology have seen an explosion recently. Since January there has been over 175,000,000 USD transacted within them, and the user base has grown to over a projected 2 million people.

Notably, most of these games rely on the ERC-721 non fungible token standard to represent in-game assets. By using ERC-20, World of Ether has created unique stackable assets that are not currencies and also have clear utility.

World of Ether is founded by Alain Goldman, co-founder of the largest blockchain meetup group in the world (link:, and his brother, Stanley Goldman, who's a senior developer at GitHub. Both are hardcore gamers.

In World of Ether users discover, collect, battle, breed, sire, and sell a variety of monsters while earning real money in the form of the Ethereum cryptocurrency by putting these monsters up on the marketplace for other players. Players gain experience from battling, which allows them to level up and breed rarer and more powerful monsters.

Players can now also sell crystals, as these are ERC-20, meaning they're immediately tradable.

Crystals are on sale at


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