New Business Platform "Moves the Cheese"

Vloyen disrupts the status quo, changing the game and introducing something new
EL DORADO HILLS, Calif. - Jan. 10, 2018 - PRLog -- The internet has created an information tsunami leading to a host of new products and services for business. Leveraging this powerful and connected communications tool, tech savvy entrepreneurs have grasped the opportunity, disrupting entire industries along the way, leaving once rock-solid companies in the dust. These upstarts and their efforts seem to portend the future, leaving many to wonder what the next great whizzbang product or service will be and, if their business will survive it.

Building the future on the past

Seemingly unstoppable companies are dominating the landscape with their new functional platforms. They are innovative, bringing great new efficiencies and capabilities to business. But, not everything is as it seems.

These tools improve functionality, bringing new efficiencies.  Yes, they're better and faster than what went before. But these "new" platforms have all have missed the opportunity to transform the way business operates. Instead they have conformed to exactly the way the underlying model works.  They have sacrificed what's possible, unknowingly dumbing down their offering in order to fit the model.  As a result, they, now are part of the problem and their cheese is about to move!

Lifting the Veil

The key to making dramatic productivity improvements is all based on the way information flows. For instance, start with a product concept and carry it through the development stages, then through production, all the way to the end customer. Watch, document and discover. It's all right there. The problem has always been staring us in the face. What you'll find is that information starts and stops. Starts again, then stops.  At certain points it's hidden, purposely delayed, sent in the wrong direction to the wrong people and on and on.  The current business model is the culprit and it's been this way for over one hundred years!

If information flowed, without hindrance, to the right people at the right time, what could be achieved? How would this change the game?

Vloyen introduces a new platform, which greatly improves how business operates, driving out waste and enabling amazing discoveries. Vloyen focuses on the way information moves between companies, offsetting the need for many of the functional tools found in the market today. It's game-changing and it's the future.

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