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Amazing new possibilities for Non-governmental Organizations by connecting the need with the solution
EL DORADO HILLS, Calif. - Feb. 7, 2018 - PRLog -- Today, over a billion people live without electricity. And, according to the World Health Organization, two billion people drink contaminated water every day and 800 million don't have enough to eat!  Half of the world's population has more than they need, while the other half is struggling with the basics, the things most of us take for granted. What's the solution?  How do we fix this? It's not a question of resources. There is enough to go around.

Fix the system

Billions of dollars are spent each year by NGOs trying to locate partners, usually through mass appeals, reaching out to philanthropic groups or directly to companies and individuals. What if every humanitarian organization could connect with every likely donner, matching a specific need with an expertise or just a desire to help? What if a potential solution to a problem could be instantly discovered and connections made?

Companies have all the resources necessary to solve the problems found in the developing world. While many are looking for ways to enhance their public image or build esprit-de-corps among their employees, it's difficult to connect their interests with the need. Sure, there are many organizations which collect funds and distribute them to worthy causes, but, they're just touching on what's possible. Vloyen changes or fixes the system.

With Vloyen an organization would identify a need. That need would immediately connect to all companies and even individuals with the expertise or the desire or resources to help solve a specific problem.  Maybe it's a water well for a South American village.  The need might be for drilling resources (equipment, tools) or training or infrastructure.  A small drilling company in Kansas might take on the entire project or, just a piece.

Vloyen instantly connects the millions of businesses, their specialties or, their interests with any groups working to solve these problems, helping to close the gap between the need and the solution.

For NGOs, they'll be able to marshal the resources necessary, quickly, to address an immediate need and locate long-term partners to meet ongoing requirements. It is literally a match made in Heaven!

Vloyen is not a website or new fundraising tool. Vloyen is redesigning the way information flows, instantly connecting individuals, companies, organizations with common interests and goals.

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Ray Rasmussen, Vloyen

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