Marshall Barnes R&D Eng Announces New Time Machine Breakthrough

In a surprise announcement today on Twitter, internationally followed inventor, conceptual theorist and advanced concept science and technology R&D engineer, Marshall Barnes, says he now has a complete design for a time machine for human use.
Marshall Barnes R&D Eng Copyright 2012
Marshall Barnes R&D Eng Copyright 2012
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CUYAHOGA HEIGHTS, Ohio - Jan. 5, 2018 - PRLog -- Not long after appearing on the Fenton Files hosted by Lorien Fenton on the KCOR digital radio network, and being published on the platform with a new article on time travel, Marshall Barnes R&D Eng has announced today on Twitter that he has now completed a design for a time machine that could make human time travel possible. Unlike all the other ideas promoted by mainstream physicists and roundly dismissed by Marshall in his Higgypop article, this one fits what he's calling the Wheeler, Aharanov, Plaga construct whereby the machine will work based on John Archibald Wheeler's concept of the Participatory Universe, using quantum trigger concept from National Science Medal award winner Yakir Aharonov and the fact that parallel universes can be detected, first posited by German astrophysicist, Rainer Plaga.

"I've been working on this for a while," Marshall said as he returned from time off for the Christmas holiday, "and that's what you do when you're in the development phase - design work. There'll be no experiments until next year sometime, but the hope is that I'll get the funding soon to proceed, especially since I now have a complete model for how this will operate and why."

This puts more punch behind Marshall's claim that he is the top time travel science researcher in the world, a claim that is easy to argue as he has done so much more in that area than anyone else in the world. With his list of requirements, that someone has to have studied in order to be considered an expert in time travel science, which he announced on the Fenton Files, he differentiates himself once more from the pack of physicists normally noted for commenting or writing about the prospects of time travel. It also disqualifies his chief rival in the public relations area, Ronald Mallett of the University of Connecticut, who is a fraud that likes to claim that he's done things in time travel that are baseless and untrue. The key to Mallett's claims is that his time machine research is based on Einstein's theory of General Relativity but Marshall has pointed out many times that Einstein's theories allow for no practical application of any of the exotic concepts that physicists find in them, something Marshall proved in his article for Higgypop. In 2015, Mallett admitted that he now realizes his "breakthrough" would require "stellar quantities" of energy, which essentially means his is no breakthrough, but a bust. However, Marshall is sharing details of what you need to know to be an expert in time travel science.

"The list had both relativity theories, teleparallelism, temporal mechanics, quantum mechanics, black holes, wormholes, information theory, chaos mathematics, Rene Thom's catastrophe theory, crystallography, closed time-like curves, quantum tunneling, the EPR paradox, spooky action at a distance, quantum teleportation, the theory of conditioning EM fields, tesseracts, retrocausality, it from bit, the Everett/Wheeler hypothesis and the participatory universe. I should have added resonance, so I'll do it now. Resonance can used as a part of the Rene Thom's catastrophe theory approach. At a certain point, resonance can cause a sudden change and in fact, although the system is different, it was also used in my approach to Nikola Tesla's Wall of Light creation and is part of the operation of the QUEBâ„¢ proto-time machine that we'll be using for the ZeitNauts project which will have time travel fans involved in attempting to induce time slips in locations known for them."

You can read Marshall's latest articles on time travel at (see  ) and (see  ) respectively.

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