Are There Any Yoga Poses to Increase Height?

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Yoga to Increase Height
Yoga to Increase Height
RISHIKESH, India - Dec. 13, 2017 - PRLog -- Hatha Yoga School will help you to learn yoga and take your expertise to the next level. Yoga, when practised regularly, is the best detoxifying exercise to strengthen the abdominal region and eliminate toxins, especially from the liver and stomach. It also helps to reduce the level of acidity in the blood and better blood circulation.

It helps to strengthen the bones, increase flexibility and range of motion. But many people wonder how to increase height by yoga. So if you are one of those people who are not satisfied with their height then consider yoga for increasing height. Many of you may not know, but yoga is a thing which increases the height naturally.

By practising yoga, you will not have to take any supplements or undergo any surgery to increase your height. All you need to do is practice yoga regularly and stay committed towards your goal. There are certain things you need to consider before to start practising yoga to increase your height:

·         Firstly, you should start with a stretching method of yoga. This will help to increase the length of the bones and spines and allow you to be taller and improve your posture.

·         You should visit a yoga instructor who has an experience and knows the yoga exercises to increase height. It is very important to be around someone that you can trust and be comfortable with so that there are low risks and more benefits from the lessons.

·         Be consistent with any exercise program that you get involved with. It is important to stick to yoga for a long enough time to reap the benefits of it. Practicing yoga occasionally will not help you.

So if you want to appear taller, here are some of the beneficial poses that you can engage in:

1.      Stretching postures:

Stretching posture is one of the most beneficial ones that help to increase height. Tadasana is the most useful exercise performed in yoga for height increase. You have to stand upright using the back muscles and the shoulder. This helps in stretching the muscles of the body and internally gives the body the oxygen it requires to function properly. This not only helps to regulate an increase in height but also helps to attain a better system in the body.

2.      Surya Namaskar:

In this posture, you have to stand straight with the body stretched, and hands in the air joined together. You have to stand on one leg only as the other one will touch the right one. Try and hold this position for as long as possible while inhaling and exhaling the air.

3.      Mountain Pose:

This is a very simple pose that will help to strengthen your arms, legs and spine. To assume the pose, you first need to stand erect and ensure that your feet are together and spine straight with the hands on the side and palms facing the thighs. At this position, clasp both of your hands with the help of fingers and inhale deeply, keeping your hands above your head and lengthening your spine. Then lift your heel and balance yourself by standing on your toes and stretch your body as much as possible then exhale while returning to the normal position.

4.      Revolved triangle pose:

This pose is also known as inverted triangle pose. You need to stand and lift your hands in line with your shoulders. Turn your torso towards the right and touch your right foot with your left hand looking towards your fingertips, try and hold this position for 30 seconds and then repeat this pose with the other side. This pose helps to improve body balance, and as a result, you gain height.

5.      Hand to foot pose:

In this pose, you have to stand straight with your feet together and arm along the sides. While inhaling, extend your arms over your head and bend your feet. Then move your chest towards the knees and lift your hips and tailbone. Press your heels down and let your head relax. Try and hold this position unless any tension starts building up. The good thing about this pose is that it works on body par starting from the head to the toe and hence helps in increasing the height.

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