Marshall Barnes Names New Time Travel Related Platform After Ronald Mallett's Father

In a sudden move that will shock many, Marshall Barnes, the world's leading researcher into the nature of time and time travel, will name his latest development after the father of his arch enemy, Ronald Mallett.
Ronald Mallett, UConn's disgraced "time travel" scientist.
Ronald Mallett, UConn's disgraced "time travel" scientist.
YELLOW SPRINGS, Ohio - Nov. 18, 2017 - PRLog -- "I'm naming my next time travel related platform the Boyd Mallett Time Tunnel. It'll be a
test platform for various principles behind our further human time travel research. I figure why not name it for the poor guy, his son sure didn't name anything for him & gave up saving him."

With that announcement on Twitter, Marshall sent shock waves throughout the global community that follows the time travel subject and in particular, the conflict between UConn physics professor, Ronald Mallett, and Marshall Barnes. Mallett is seen by many as the professor who's building the world's first time machine but Marshall has been proving that it's all a sham, a fraud and has forced the issue to the point that Mallett's career and reputation are in jeopardy. In 2016, after declaring war on Mallett and then ally Scott J. Cooper, CEO of World Patent Marketing, when Marshall realized that Mallett had conned him out of five years of his research time by telling Marshall that that's all he needed to complete his work (and then made no attempt to do so), Marshall developed and deployed a strategy based on Alexander the Great's plan at the battle of Gaugumela, and is now winning on every front.  World Patent Marketing is shut down by the FTC, Ronald Mallett has been deleted from the websites of TEDxVienna and the African American Registry for being caught colluding with Cooper in the promotion of false and misleading fundraising material for Mallett's non-existent time travel research. Marshall promises that he's just beginning and won't stop until Mallett's time travel scam career is totally and completely destroyed, so it struck many with surprise that he would make yesterday's announcement.

"The bottom line is I was just thinking for a moment how Mallett has traded on his father's death and used him to promote this whole fraudulent career of his that is based on nothing but lies," Marshall said this morning, "and I just felt sorry for Boyd. Here he died as a young man, after serving his country in WWII, which I greatly respect, and here his son has just used him and his untimely death from a heart attack, as a promotional gimmick. Mallett's such a liar - if he really wanted to build a time machine to go back and save his father life, then why the Hell did he give-up at the first little, and I mean speed bump of a problem? When I think about it, it just hacks me off."

So Marshall has taken Ronald Mallett's expired provisional patent and is designing a time modification test platform with it, using an alternative design. According to Marshall, it will not be a time machine design in and of itself, but will be used to test a variety of related concepts within a contained environment, However, he has added the possibility of another application.

"You see, the thing is, I am an engineer who has actually built and designed things. My brain works that way and Mallett, on page 167 of his book, admits that he doesn't have that 'aptitude'. So, today I realized that a variation of what I've visualized could be used as a quantum trigger, an idea first developed by National Medal of Science winner, Yakir Aharonov. In fact, more than one type of quantum trigger - that will be used with a variety of time machine platforms. I expect to have a version of the device up and running before next spring. I'll be working out the design between now and then, but I already have the basic structure and function already worked out."

Marshall says that by naming it after Mallett's late father, Boyd Mallett, he hopes to restore some kind of honor to the Mallett name while at the same time he continues his crusade against Boyd's son for being a fraud and con-artist, using a subject that Marshall has committed much of his life to, for Mallett's own self-promotion.

"You know, for all the love that Mallett claims he had for his father, not only did he give-up, with hardly even trying to design a machine that could work, he's never named a damned thing for him," Marshall points out with ironic bitterness.

"You'd think he'd do that, at least, but no. Ronald Mallett's done nothing, but use his father death to try to get people to feel sorry for him. To use it to get a Spike Lee movie. He's a disgrace to his father and his name."

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