Yerra Solutions Launches Yerra Clearly 2.0: A Technology-Driven Suite of Managed Services for Corporate Legal & IP and Compliance

Unique solution combines artificial and human intelligence to better manage in-house workload and deliver improved efficiency, transparency and scalability.
Intelligent Controls for Innovative Leaders
Intelligent Controls for Innovative Leaders
BASEL CITY, Switzerland - Nov. 8, 2017 - PRLog -- Yerra Solutions AG, a global provider of innovative solutions for in-house legal & IP, eDiscovery and compliance, has launched Yerra Clearly 2.0. This suite of solutions seamlessly combines expert services with smart technology to solve some of the most complex corporate challenges around managing contracts, legal & IP spend, knowledge management and engagement between legal and business units. The approach of underpinning expert services with advanced technology minimizes the administrative burdens and cost over-runs often associated with implementing and maintaining traditional software and provides more advanced levels of reporting analytics.

Yerra Clearly 2.0 solutions include Clearly Contracts, Clearly Spend for Legal, Clearly Spend for IP, Clearly Demand and Clearly KM. Clients may choose to leverage the solutions individually or roll them into a comprehensive approach by deploying Clearly Ops. Clearly Ops is a total Legal Operations solution designed to help corporations start or supplement a global legal operations function.

Yerra Clearly was originally designed to address the challenges that large, global organizations experience in accepting, processing and reporting on invoices from 100% of their global vendors. The simple concept to add human intelligence back into the eBilling process has been extremely well-received by clients. It provides actionable insights and offers superior process management, data compilation and real-time operational reporting that alleviates the burden of invoice review, report creation and system maintenance. Yerra Clearly 2.0 expands this concept to other areas important to corporate legal, IP and compliance functions.

"The foundation of Yerra Clearly – a combination of human and artificial intelligence – is exactly what large, complex organizations need," says Adi Prakash, Chief Innovation Officer & Head of Client Services at Yerra Solutions. "Software alone often fails to deliver on its promise. The way we've structured this solution gives clients the advantages of the latest technologies, like AI, machine learning and natural language processing, without the burdens of selecting, implementing and upgrading software that is always a step behind evolving business needs. The cycle of innovation is so fast that as soon as you implement a system alone, it is solving yesterday's problem. Our model allows us to quickly develop and deploy innovative new features to be used by our managed services teams on behalf of our clients. And that delivers a continuous stream of tangible advantages, without the headaches and risk."

In Q2 2017, Yerra invested in building an in-house development capability to expand on the success of Yerra Clearly. Yerra Clearly 2.0 is now generally available and builds on the original offering by:

1. Adding Clearly Contracts to streamline contract request automation and management.

2. Adding Clearly Demand to accept, track and automate the fulfilment of incoming requests to legal from the business.

3. Adding Clearly KM to curate, manage and retrieve information that enables legal, IP and compliance departments to do less repetitive work and rely less on outside counsel.

4. Enhancing Legal & IP Spend Management with matter capabilities, more advanced automation and more productivity tools to drastically increase the throughput of our managed services teams and clients.

5. Incorporating advanced reporting tools for interactive, real-time analytics.

6. And delivering all the above via simple, intuitive client-facing portals and dashboards that seamlessly accept, track, fulfill and report on these units of work - end-to-end and as a collective unit.

You can learn more about Yerra Clearly at

View the launch video here.

About Yerra Solutions

Yerra serves the operational and technology needs of in-house legal & IP, eDiscovery and compliance organizations. The company's offerings include consulting, managed services and technology solutions that drive operational efficiency and improved outcomes. Yerra is headquartered in Basel, Switzerland with offices in the UK, US, Singapore, Hong Kong and Poland. Learn more at


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