Interactive Public Art Display at Faneuil Hall in Boston

Copplestone's Orbiter Posts and Ring Toss Game a Liberty Peace Sculpture
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WELLESLEY, Mass. - Sept. 18, 2017 - PRLog -- Introducing the Orbiter PlayStation - Crowd Entertainment -

This summer, the crowds at Faneuil Hall had the opportunity to try Orbiter the challenging angled posts and ring toss game, as it was on display at that historic site. The display invited passersby to swing the liberty ring -and swing the ring they did.

The Orbiter was designed to look like a work of art and to function as a dynamic, challenging game that also has a message. The liberty aspect of the message creates an association between the ringing sound that the Orbiter makes and the Liberty Bell: the peace part of the message refers to the resemblance that the games V shape has with the V shape of the peace sign and because David thought that it would be great if every time someone heard the Orbiter ring they thought of his phrase, "every time an Orbiter rings, a wish for peace takes wing."

Orbiter's inventor, David Copplestone, has been developing the game in various sizes and exploring various complicated swing patterns for years. He was anxious to see how people would interact with his game when they saw it in person for the first time, so he brought it to Boston's waterfront. He thought this was the perfect place because he had set sail from there for Antigua years ago, and during that trip he had been inspired to create his tabletop ring toss game Orbiter.

Copplestone was gratified to see that the people in Boston were open to the new challenge and that they just naturally started swinging the ring, making adjustments, and swinging it again and again. They usually did not stop until they enjoyed the exhilarating experience of making a ringer. The exhibit began with a carefully placed, 36"- tall Orbiter, but it was soon clear that more were needed, so Copplestone added a second. By the end of the summer, the display had developed into an Orbiter PlayStation, which consists of five Orbiters of various sizes and types. The play was steady. The Orbiters got a good work-out, and the visitors had a good time playing with them. The Orbiter PlayStation consists of four orbiters on tables, - one 10" tall, one 14" tall, and two 36" tall - and one 6' tall, posts and ball toss, Orbiter floor model.

Copplestone explains that he made a commitment early in his life to create to entertain: this idea is now a part of his company's logo. With the creation of the Orbiter PlayStation and the entertainment that the orbiters provided to the crowds of thousands at Faneuil Hall, his mission is accomplished. Now, his hope is to see as many people as possible enjoy his games. This could happen quickly if thousands of owners of market places, amusement parks, colleges, corporations, and so on, install Orbiter PlayStations to entertain crowds of people with time on their hands.

An Orbiter PlayStation comprises five Orbiters, two 48" round tables and two chairs. The do-it-yourself installation is easy.

All Orbiter sizes are available on Amazon and at


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