Independent Testing Shows the Patented Ankle Roll Guard Performed Better than the ASO Ankle Brace

Boise State University's Biomechanics Lab publishes the first independent testing progress report on the patented Ankle Roll Guard...and it out-performed the ASO ankle brace and tape
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Ankle Roll Guard Prevents Sprains
Ankle Roll Guard Prevents Sprains
BOISE, Idaho - July 26, 2017 - PRLog -- In March of 2016, Ankle Roll Guard received an Idaho IGEM Grant of $250k to work with Boise State University's Center for Orthopaedic & Biomechanics Research (COBR) lab to study the effectiveness of the Ankle Roll Guard versus ankle braces and tape.  Testing began January 15 and the first progress report has been published!  "Testing to date has shown equivalent inversion protection to an external brace and closed basket weave (standard) ankle tape." --Dr. Tyler Brown, PhD, CSCS, Assistant Professor, Director, COBR.

Additionally, the Ankle Roll Guard performed better than the ASO brace and tape in "peak angle inversion" and "vertical jump height".  The restriction of braces & tape in performing physical activity is a significant find.  For example, vertical jump in basketball & volleyball is critical and testing confirmed the unique benefits of the Ankle Roll Guard...roll protection with range of motion & comfort.

View the report on our website by clicking here: View Independent Testing Report

The Ankle Roll Guard was also recently featured in several performance reviews:

Basketball performance review by Jahronmon - over 195,000 views in 1 month!  "Highly recommend the Ankle Roll Guard over a brace"; "Extremely usable piece of gear" Check out the video!

Physical Therapists review - "Famous" Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck present 5 Ways to Stop Ankle Sprains - over 3,300 views in 3 weeks.  "Very light, well-built, easy to clean vs. a brace" Check out the video! (ARG 10 minutes in).

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The Armor1 Ankle Roll Guard is a patented, brace-less ankle support that prevents sprains by cushioning the ankle from an inversion or "roll".  Unlike conventional ankle braces, the Armor1 wraps securely around the outside of any shoe type and allows you to retain full ankle mobility & comfort.  It provides ankle stability, balance, and protection if you have weak ankles, tend to frequently roll your ankles, or have a neuromuscular disorder.  Join the thousands of customers actively using this breakthrough solution for every day support or balance, in physical therapy, podiatry, orthotics, and various sports such as basketball, slamball, volleyball, football, lacrosse, rugby, tennis, pickleball, squash, softball, walking, and running.


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