Rush University Hospitals Choose Hiteks' Insight Clinical AI Platform to Improve Sepsis Clinical, Financial and Research Outcomes

Early Warning System for Quality Intervention, Clinical Documentation Improvement and Real-Time Revenue Rescue Strategies via Artificial Intelligence (AI) and clinical Natural Language Processing (NLP)
By: Hiteks Solutions, Inc.
CHICAGO - July 13, 2017 - PRLog -- Hiteks Solutions, Inc. today announced a new clinical and business partnership with Rush University Medical Center who has selected Hiteks' industry leading Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation (CAPD) powered by proprietary AI and integrated into the Epic Electronic Health Record (EHR) System, for advanced decision support coupled with the industry's fastest and most accurate NLP engine, designed specifically as an early warning system for quality improvement, CDI and decision support.

Hiteks has a suite of products under its Insight: Real-Time Revenue Rescue platform which provides the basis for best practices for improved CDI reducing revenue leakage from specific points of the revenue cycle.  Hiteks works on the front-end providing immediate suggestions to physicians through VigilantQA, AdvocateMD and ConcurDI which allsupport better claims capture and regulatory compliance.  Hiteks' Insight Suite will seamlessly allow Rush University physicians to improve the quality of their clinical documentation during their natural workflow at the point of care while the patient is still being seen and the doctor has easy access to the patient's record.

According to Shafiq Rab, M.D., CIO and Vice President at Rush University Medical Center, "Working in collaboration within Epic's EHR, Hiteks' embedded software helps improve our detection, management, CDI and reporting of quality conditions like Sepsis and other high cost, high morbidity conditions.  This full lifecycle management of a quality condition starting from the front-end when physicians are entering data into the EHR, has a great impact on patient safety as well as hospital revenue and the overall productivity of our clinical teams.

In addition, Hiteks has guaranteed the success of our operational financial performance by incorporating clinical benchmarking and analytics into our Rush programs, allowing us to analyze data metrics from physician behavior to improve clinical outcomes. This data underpins our organization's ability to achieve a positive financial impact of high-value care, with improved quality and clinical outcomes at a lower total cost of care.  Finally, Hiteks' bench-to-bedside suite of tools allows us to efficiently analyze clinical data to advance our research agenda and translate analytics findings into clinical practice, without the long delays typical of research programs.  Hiteks is one of Epic's early App Orchard vendors who are committed to working with Epic and clients like Rush to access the appropriate interfaces so that implementation benefits from extensive testing and interoperability between Hiteks' hosted system and our Epic client, minimizing the IT burden."

Rush joins over 10,000 clinical users in advancing data-driven physician workflows in the EHR: Dr. Brian Patty, Chief Medical Informatics Officer at Rush states that "the impact we anticipate having on improving quality of care for our patients through real-time monitoring of their data in the digital chart and across our enterprise workflow is significant.  We believe that doctors will see fewer and more targeted alerting with specific feedback to intervene on patients with Sepsis, Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock in order to manage them within the small time windows available to effectively manage these conditions. Hiteks' VigilantQA product combined with its CDI (ConcurDI) and Problem List Management (AdvocateMD) tools will allow for transparency around the management and documentation for these patients without intruding on clinical workflow. Ultimately we will see greater patient safety, more accurate concurrent coding of Quality diagnoses, and improved compliance with reporting results."

The benefits of clinicians using Hiteks' Insight-powered solutions include fewer coding queries, higher CMI and RAF scores due to the enhanced clinical specificity in the record, and fewer false positive, non-specific and redundant alerts for quality issues.  By optimizing the clinical documentation process, physicians can focus on patient care instead of looking up or responding to clinical specificity queries and quality alerts.  With Hiteks' newest solution: AccessCT, powering data-driven clinical research, physicians will be able to leverage automation in the matching of patients with research protocols to accelerate the bench-to-bedside delivery of new therapies or for observational studies.  Being focused on physician needs, Hiteks is able to deliver timely quality information that other vendors (i.e. Speech Engines, Back-end CAC, Risk Adjustment), who have similar but legacy technologies, cannot.

Gerry Petratos, M.D. and CEO of Hiteks Solutions, Inc. shared this insight: "By providing AI-driven decision support proven through years of work on our algorithms and modern software architecture helps physicians enhance patient care while improving clinical documentation, charge capture and decision support for quality conditions at the same time.  We are physician-centric, meaning that we help doctors make decisions in real-time based on good, timely data.  While most solutions in the industry are legacy and back-end, ours leverages our modern architecture to enable physicians to manage the patient's documentation on the "Front End", not after the fact.  Our revenue rescue solutions have delivered financial benefits to our clients with improved CMI, RAF Scores and increased reimbursement, along with early warning from quality surveillance to help clinicians immediately improve the early identification of conditions that are computationally intensive to diagnose.  By closing the loop with our ability to suggest higher quality of clinical documentation, physicians are able to better communicate the patient story to others on the care team."

About Rush University Medical Center:

Rush is an academic health system whose mission is to improve the health of the patients and the diverse communities it serves with nationally recognized health care, education, research and a commitment to community partnerships. The Rush system comprises Rush University Medical Center, Rush University, Rush Copley Medical Center and Rush Oak Park Hospital, as well as numerous outpatient care facilities. Rush University, with more than 2,500 students, is a health sciences university that comprises Rush Medical College, the College of Nursing, the College of Health Sciences and the Graduate College.

About Hiteks Solutions:

Hiteks is a leading provider of hosted EHR integrated software solutions with its Insight: Real-Time Revenue Rescue platform enabling real-time feedback to clinicians at the point of care. Hiteks' software reviews all the relevant structured and textual data automatically and provides accurate feedback to the EHR in less than one second. For more information, please

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