New Smart Technology Protects Computers From Weather-Related Electrical Problems Surge Protectors

New Smart Technology Protects Computers From Weather-Related Electrical Problems Surge Protectors Alone May Be On Way Out
By: B2BZone, LLC
HOLLY, Mich. - June 18, 2017 - PRLog -- A smart new system for protecting business and personal computers from weather-related electrical problems has arrived.

This revolutionary software, called Off Fast®, may dramatically reduce what the National Lightning Safety Institute estimates are $2 billion in future economic losses each year due to computers damaged or destroyed by severe weather.

Surge protectors handle most small power surges, caused by appliances and other electrical equipment routinely turning on and off. But these devices sometimes fail when needed most – as a last line of defense against big power surges, hiccups and outages in storms.

"Surge protectors are reactive technology that has been around for years, mostly unchanged and unimproved," said William DiSessa, the inventor of Off Fast. "Off Fast is proactive, cloud-based, Internet-of-Things technology that adds a significant new layer of protection to computers from severe weather."

Off Fast scans for local severe weather alerts, and when one occurs, powers down the computer before the weather arrives. This is exactly what technology experts recommend (CNN Tech).

Off Fast's Benefits:

Proactively protects your PC from storm-related electrical damage
Prolongs the life of your computer
Reduces need to replace your programs, data, and memories
Gives you peace of mind, even while you're away, that your computer is safe
Compatible with your operating system (Windows, Mac, and Linux)
Works in the USA and much of Europe, including the UK, France, and Italy.
Cloud-based technology, light footprint
Green, eco-friendly

Off Fast's Features:

Runs in the background, checking for local weather alerts
When weather threatens, program shuts down computer in 5 minutes
Gives users the option, if present, to cancel shutdown or shutdown now
Through your operating system, attempts to save work and close open programs before shutdown
Users may select which weather alerts to monitor, and how often
Patent-pending technology uses reliable weather alerts
Users may opt for email or text notifications of shutdowns

Avoiding severe weather is the best strategy because lightning strikes somewhere on earth at least once every second (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration), singularly destroying countless computers yearly.

"Off Fast is on guard whether the computer user is present or not," DiSessa said. "Myriad apps merely parrot weather forecasts. However, this powerful, patent-pending program provides a valuable service that can extend the life of your computer beyond its average lifespan of four years."

He added, "Surge protectors still are recommended for now, but since they sometimes react too late when even a millisecond can make a difference between an untouched computer and a fried motherboard, should you really rely solely on them?

"I know. I've lost two computers over the years during power hiccups in storms – and surge protection was in place both times."

Though electrical problems pose a constant threat to computers, the problem is growing as our weather worsens, whether due to global warming or a natural cycle.

Consider: 87 percent of power outages are caused by bad weather (CNN Tech), while such blackouts have doubled since 2003 (Washington Post) and extreme weather events have become more common in the USA over the past three decades (Union of Concerned Scientists).

Off Fast is Java-based desktop software compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. It retails for a yearly subscription of $29.95 for customers in the USA and much of Europe. You may download and try the software for the first month free. The software has no spyware, adware or malware.

A resident of Holly, near Flint, DiSessa outsourced the software's programming to Flint-based Swiftlet Technologies.

Adrian Montague of Flint Soup, a community fundraising group for entrepreneurs, referred DiSessa to Swiftlet founder and fellow inventor Daniel Kurin in her previous role with the Flint Area Reinvestment Office.

"Adrian put me in touch with Dan, who had the exact skill set I was seeking: an electrical engineering and programming background," DiSessa said. "The Flint area has a lot of resources for inventors and entrepreneurs, from the Flint Area Reinvestment Office, Flint Soup, UM-Flint's [IN] Innovation Incubator, and the Ruth Mott Foundation to inventor clubs and competitions and Mott Community College's Fab Lab."

For more information, visit


This invention actually is two-pronged. There is a hardware side to it that could render traditional surge protectors obsolete.

I'm promoting the software side for now because the hardware side still is in development. But I am happy to discuss Off Fast's game-changing second iteration with you, as well.

Demos Available

A full version of the software is available if you would like to try it for your story. Just ask me for a copy and indicate whether you use a Windows, Mac or Linux machine.

Graphics Available

The Off Fast logo is available at:

You also may use the following infographic with your story:

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