Dads Just as Good as Moms?! Here's Why ... #DaddyKnowsToo!

The Mobile App that Teaches Us About Gifts and Greatness on #Father'sDay. An APP for Dads by Dads ... #DaddyKnowsToo
By: Daddy Knows Too
FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. & MIAMI - May 30, 2017 - PRLog -- Dads Now Know Everything ... or at least AS much as Moms Do!

To say #Dads don't get a lot of credit can be true in certain circumstances, but today #dads are becoming #MobileSuperheroes with the ability to converse with other dads, get advice, support each other, and even plan #playdates with their children's peers on the regular. There has been a lot of chatter in South Florida of what #HuffingtonPost rated one of the top mobile apps to look out for in #2017. And so, without further ado, the #DaddyKnowsToo app is here.

The company, founded by two single dads, has made huge strides already with partnering with #FamilyCentral to build educational courses and seminars for dads, along with creating a killer app that allows dads to help #Crowdfund and support each other in their various personal and professional experiences. Even their website speaks volumes, with podcasts, scrumptious superhero recipes, and a very trendy #Fathersday gift list.

When you download the #DaddyKnowsToo app you don't simply get a dose of fatherly advice, you get entertainment packages that are #Groupon priced for #DaddyDayOut greatness. You can trade tools with your fellow friends and swap stories in the #OnlineManCave. #DaddyKnowsToo is truly the first app for dads that encompasses interactive games for those #militarydads overseas or blended families where kids swap homes. It's the first app that syncs with the website to bring the #NewYorkTimes newsfeed no matter where you are. However, most importantly, it's an app that just goes to show that dads can do it too!

From important resources like doctors, hospitals, libraries, educational institutions, and the like, the #DaddyKnowsToo app is a full-on support system for the new dad, old dad, step dad, dad-to-be, grand-dad, really for any dad. It's no wonder it's on the top apps to look out for this year, and with more and more dads seeking a 'circle of friendship' or maybe just a place to hang with pizza and beer while they watch their daughter's ballet performance on Hi-Def 3D video, this app is the starting point for all dads to unite and catch the same cool rap that moms do.

#DaddyKnowsToo #MobileSuperheroes - Download the app here!

PS - They got some pretty cool #DadGear too. You can shop online or in the app and that's just to represent ... *Wink

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