AllSight Announces AllSight 4.7 to Reimagine Data Stewardship for the New Era of Customer 360 at Gartner's Data & Analytics Summit 2017

AllSight 4.7 is the industry's first Customer Intelligence Management System, delivering an Insightful, Intelligent, Consolidated Customer 360 to the Enterprise
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AllSight CustomerLink Screen Shot
AllSight CustomerLink Screen Shot
GRAPEVINE, Texas - March 6, 2017 - PRLog -- Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2017 – Today, AllSight announced AllSight version 4.7, enabling enterprises to effectively consolidate raw big data into an intelligent, actionable Customer 360. True customer insight is based upon a complete and consolidated Customer 360 data store. Most organizations still struggle to bring together customer data from structured and unstructured silos. In fact, 88% of customer data is unused. Organizations have struggled to adapt and evolve existing Master Data Management to meet this challenge. They also struggle with enterprise data lakes which can store various data formats, but do nothing to stitch it together into a proper customer context. AllSight 4.7 addresses this challenge and ushers in the new era of Customer 360. AllSight's patented synthesis engine can match data fragments to other data fragments to form the Customer 360 record from the ground up, and it also excels at matching existing records with a very high degree of accuracy.

AllSight is the first Customer Intelligence Management (CIM) System, a pre-built application that manages data, analyzes it, and acts upon those insights.

"A new era of Customer 360 has been a long time coming," said Mark Nance, CDO of American Fidelity. "People often talk about 'data silos', but the bigger challenge is 'insight silos' – limited insights based on fragments of data, none of which is centralized or widely usable. Concentrating customer intelligence into one system makes it actionable."

AllSight 4.7 empowers customer-centric organizations to make customer insights actionable, with these new capabilities:

1.    Consolidated Customer 360 – AllSight's synthesis engine excels at linking data fragments and existing customer records into a complete Customer 360 record. By assigning data confidence levels to each link, AllSight can present different perspectives based on the confidence required for business usage such as marketing or operations.

2.    Intelligent Customer 360 – AllSight contains pre-built analytic functions that reason and understand what is truly important within the Customer 360. Intelligent attributes are inferred, providing the building blocks for deeper analytics and insight.

3.    Insightful Customer 360 – AllSight 4.7 introduces new aggregate level customer dashboards and graphs, built upon a strong foundation of accurate and complete customer data at the individual record level. AllSight 4.7 is integrated with Tableau and ZoomData for visualization and analysis of AllSight's Customer 360 data store.

"There's been a strong interest in a new breed of Enterprise Customer 360," said David Corrigan, CEO of AllSight. "Organizations have struggled with MDM and data lakes and haven't yet got an actionable Customer 360 for business users. But new roles within these organizations, specifically Chief Data Officers and Chief Analytics Officers, are driving a new approach to Enterprise Customer 360. Those roles are the catalyst to the New Era of Customer 360."

The New Era of Customer 360 is all about satisfying new requirements such as satisfying analytic and operational needs from a single Customer 360, understanding and influencing the customer journey, and managing simultaneous journeys within the overall customer lifecycle. New Era Customer 360 systems use all modern technology to accomplish this, including Hadoop, Spark, machine learning, graph and columnar data stores, natural language processing, synthesis, and others. To learn more about the New Era of Customer 360, visit

AllSight 4.7 will be generally available in Q2 2017. For more information, please go to

About AllSight

Based in Toronto, Canada, AllSight was founded with one purpose – to help organizations get more value out of their data. From its inception, AllSight's vision has remained constant: We help companies utilize modern technologies that consolidate & transform fragmented data into good, intelligent data to be consumed by business users. AllSight ( Customer Intelligence Management (CIM) system is the culmination of that vision – an intelligent data management system. AllSight is a pre-built system that manages any source of customer data, synthesizes it into a real customer 360, and produces intelligent customer data complete with enrichments, insights, and actions for each customer.

About the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit

Data and analytics are taking center stage as the single most powerful catalyst for change in the enterprise. Gartner's Data & Analytics Summit embraces the full range of information and analytics challenges faced by today's IT and business leaders. Attendees will learn how to build and execute an effective, holistic data and analytics strategy and prepare for Artificial Intelligence, Hadoop, the Internet of Things, and Blockchain. Data and analytics professionals will know how to maximize the impact of their Business Intelligence and Master Data Management programs, and establish effective information governance for better quality, privacy, and security.


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