New, Similar Experiments Dramatically Achieve Rainer Plaga Suggestion To Prove Parallel Universes

In 1997, physicist Rainer Plaga wrote a paper suggesting an experiment to prove parallel universes exist. It was never tried. Marshall Barnes has now executed his own specific tests in Grandview Heights, OH, that achieve the same, incredible goal.
Rachel RetroWorldality test photo of "laser spot from nowhere" (far right side)
Rachel RetroWorldality test photo of "laser spot from nowhere" (far right side)
YELLOW SPRINGS, Ohio - March 1, 2017 - PRLog -- Research and development engineer, Marshall Barnes', laser experiments to test a different version
of so-called retrocausality, are simultaneously proving parallel universes can be contacted. The results are consistent across two different but related experiments. Not only that, but Marshall extends the many-worlds interpretation into direct relationship with John A. Wheeler's participatory universe model, and shrugs off all interpretations of the behavior of particles on a quantum level, that result in retrocausality, as being a result of these particles "knowing" what they're doing. Instead, Marshall argues it's the universe or "omniverse" behind the results observed as part of the participatory function Wheeler had posited.

In Marshall's experiment, various laser pulses are fired toward a 2 way mirror acting as a beam splitter, sending the reflection beam toward a side wall detection area, and the beam that continues, called the transmission beam, encounters a fan. The fan acts as a high speed shutter, blocking some of the pulses and allows others to continue, hitting the back wall. A laptop video camera captures all action, making it possible to see results, frame by frame. However, there are times when no laser is on and clearly, a laser spot is seen on the side wall as if it had been reflected there.

This is a first time ever, historic achievement, originally reported in his paper, Retrocausality, Wheeler, Delayed Choice, and Simulation Theory Reinterpreted (see ) which upon further review, is simultaneously related with a number of experiments that were not so long ago in the news.

According to a 2006 MSNBC article by Alan Boyle, Time-travel physics seems stranger than science fiction, Columbia physicist Brian Greene, described exactly the time travel scenario Marshall's experiment exhibits.  "Causality can be changed, sending the universe down different forks in the road. You could go back and shoot your father, creating a universe where you were never born. But it wouldn't be the same universe you came from. You'd just be an alien visitor from a different reality, living out a scenario that's called the "many-worlds interpretation."

A 1995 article for New Scientist magazine, Talking to the World Next Door, by physicist, John Gribbin, discusses a proposed plan by German astrophysicist Rainer Plaga to detect a parallel universe, a goal directly related to Marshall's successful experiments.

"Plaga suggests an experiment in which...if the photon is detected, a laser pulse would automatically be fired into an ion stored in a magnetic trap. This will excite the ion into an energetic state. So an experimenter who finds the ion to be excited even though no photon has been detected will know that this is because the laser beam was triggered in the world next door."

Marshall (see ) explains, "In a similar fashion, a laser pulse that isn't reflected by the 2 way mirror and just barely goes through the fan, suffers the classic 'which way path' change, striking the detection wall area for the reflected beams. That act signifies the universe has split, with the laser point on the wall in the new universe when there is no source laser for it. With the whole affair on film, that settles it."

It's said Plaga's test would mean energy transfer is possible between parallel worlds because there is no violation of the conservation of energy, which remains conserved for the whole universe and not required for single parallel branches. Marshall's filmed experiment shows a clear indication of energy transferring from a parallel world, like Plaga's proposal, which would pass just enough information between the two worlds to confirm their parallel existence and nothing more.

According to a 2016 MSNBC article by Boyle, an attempt by physicist John G. Cramer to  "flip a switch that would have an effect not only on photons going through a complicated set-up of lasers and mirrors, but also on entangled photons that had gone through the set-up about 50 microseconds earlier." failed to prove sending messages to the past through quantum non-locality was possible.

But, according to Boyle, "conceptually, the effect would be a little like sending Marty McFly back in time to make sure his mom married his dad in 'Back to the Future'." Marshall immediately sees similarities.

"That is so similar to the portion of my paper stating, 'In my test, the laser point appears from nowhere, having tunneled from the past but into the future where it strikes the wall as it would had it been part of the initial reflection beam, but the film proves that it was not. That past is clear, however...the present that follows has a new past because that laser did show up, but we know the original is still preserved in the original universe where the photon didn't show up out of nowhere'."

"In doing the research for Paradox Lost, (see my 2013 special report to select members of Congress, on time travel, I reconciled the one last aspect no one else had dealt with - how time travel to the past in a parallel universe is possible when you weren't there to begin with. Marrying Wheeler's participatory universe model to the many-worlds theory, made it all work seamlessly and my Rachel and Emily RetroWorldality tests prove it. This is how reality works, for real".

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