Connecting The Dots and Alerting The Right People in Order to Avoid Another Terror Attack

Revolutionary Software to Support National Security and Intelligence
Human and Machine Relationship
Human and Machine Relationship
FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla. - Sept. 19, 2016 - PRLog -- Enough is enough – terror attacks are taking place almost daily, and governments and law enforcement agencies are saying the same thing, time and time again – "We knew about this person of interest, but didn't have the manpower or the ability to 'connect the dots' and to realize that he/she had just purchased a gun or a large amount of ammunition, posted radical Islamic or threatening videos, or blogs on social media, or partaken in other questionable activities that made him/her an immediate, potential threat to society." This story is all-too-familiar.

Data2Intel, headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, FL, has announced the launch of d2i-SI™ into the National Security and Intelligence environment, a multi-solution software that is always on, always connecting the dots, has the ability to do all the laborious administration of humans, seamlessly integrates the multitude of systems, focuses on information that is an exception, and alerts appropriate personnel of prequalified threats. In real-time, the system can dynamically perform threat assessment and risk mitigation, collecting and fusing information that it transforms into useful intelligence, discretely sharing relevant information, and coordinating the response of those parties involved in a particular threat.

President and Founder of Data2Intel Theo Voyatzoglou, committed to the cause of saving lives and protecting property, said, "The job of our Homeland Security and Counterterrorism Community is just too overwhelming, with far too many false positives, and insufficient manpower to deal with them. 15 Years after 9/11, the approach of our Counterterrorism Community and related Authorities is still largely reactive. It is time to take the appropriate steps to become truly proactive, and avert potential attacks. Our flexible, multi-purpose, multi-party technology-based framework, processes large volumes of data to create valuable security intelligence, and automatically shares it with the right people, in a timely manner. This software is different than anything else in the market, performing over 99% without any human intervention, enabling authorities to focus only on matters that require their attention, instead of wasting valuable resources on the wrong things."

Prior to launching into the National Security and Intelligence space, the predecessor version of this software was deployed and proven across diverse industries, including: Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, and Telecommunications. This earlier version of the software went through intense scrutiny and analysis from The Gartner Group, spearheaded by a Selection Committee from Raytheon Company. The outcome of their report confirmed that the software is "Best of Breed Technology", with "Good Overall Architectural Design", using "Excellent Programming and Development Processes", and developed in a "High-Productivity Development Environment".

Data2Intel's software has now been further tuned to meet the demanding needs of government institutions, counterterrorism agencies, and law enforcement; to provide automation resulting in processing with almost no human intervention, which eliminates the grunt work and takes the element of guesswork out of the equation. d2i-SI™ seamlessly integrates disjointed architectures from multiple systems to create real-time data collection and fusion of multi-source information into one single repository, with a 'single-window' view. The resulting real-time intelligence identifies potential threats, trends, patterns and anomalies, and the information and alerts are then fed to security analysts and law enforcement to highlight and chase down potential threats. The power of d2i-SI is that it fuses new information with already existing information into a knowledge bank, effectively placing it 'on the same board'. This fused information could be from a multitude of different sources and levels of classification, with the necessary protections.

Highlighted potential threats can be shared in real-time with relevant need-to-know agencies and organizations that need to communicate, respond to, and follow up threats in a timely manner. Information sharing and alerting is rules-based, automated and workflow-enabled, and sent to the appropriate collaborating parties across federal, state, local, tribal and territorial authorities, law enforcement, public safety, emergency response, transportation and private sector partners, NGOs, as well as to allied foreign governments and organizations. So, for example, people or assets who have been identified as potential threats can be immediately surveilled or tracked as a result of the timely sharing of this valuable intelligence with the appropriate parties.

With so much information consolidated into easy-to-view 'trends and threats', proactive management is now possible with dedicated role-based operations and procedures in place, all of which can be monitored with instantly-available performance measurements. These intelligence activities can be assessed by an individual user or by multiple parties, including by the collaborating partners.

The d2i-SI operation is based on processing any information with an electronic footprint (an 'event'). This could be a simple human-initiated transaction, or a signal or data from a machine or device, such as an RFI, GPS, ACSD, SCADA, etc. d2i-SI's unique software intelligently processes such information, determines what is expected, and anything that is out-of-the ordinary becomes an item for investigation. There is no limit to the number of transactions or events that it can process.

The d2i-SI software's unique design and architecture make it powerful, and therefore able to deal with intelligence harvesting in a 'big data' environment. It is fully integrated, highly scalable, with real-time processing, and with a very high degree of automation and exception-driven operation. The software can be deployed in a hosted environment or in the cloud, either centralized or decentralized, as required.

By the time you have read this announcement, several attacks or incidents somewhere in the world have probably taken place. Data2Intel wants to make our world a safer place. The clock is ticking before we have another '9/11' type of attack on our homeland. To find out more about this unique software, contact Data2Intel to learn first-hand how the system can work in your government agency, whether it's local, national or global, by emailing, or by calling 800 240 1321 for more information, or to set up an appointment.

For more technical information, please contact:
Theo Voyatzoglou
Data2Intel Corporation
Direct: 954 383 1321
Main: 954 848 2882


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