The Theory behind Border Control and Immigration. Tactics that could save the Government billions of dollars.

Tighter Border Control is available
Tighter Border Control is available
FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - Nov. 21, 2016 - PRLog -- Border Protection and Immigration is probably one of the most political topics of conversation right now, and regardless of one's political viewpoint, securing our sovereign borders and knowing who and what crosses them is important to the security, wellness, and prosperity of our country, and its people. We all have the same ultimate goal of protecting our country from a multitude of unwanted threats. We currently have hundreds of thousands of people crossing our borders, as well as a tremendous amount of contraband. A very significant number of terrorist attacks and other criminal activity is perpetrated by illegal aliens. This is a huge challenge for any government.

Considering the many thousands of miles of border that the United States has, and the heterogeneous terrain that it is made up of, including desert, mountains, rivers, and coastline, it becomes very tricky to establish the effective controls required for a truly secure border. Physical infrastructures such as walls or fences on their own cannot do the job, since there are many ways to circumvent them and not enough manpower to efficiently patrol all of the border. Therefore, tactical devices must be used to complement the physical infrastructure, and provide the requisite real-time intelligence to authorities so that they may respond and intervene expeditiously to counter any potential breaches. This has been recognized by our government a long time ago, however, attempts to implement such a technology-driven solution have failed in the past due to technical glitches and the perceived unavailability of other suitable, practical, and economically-viable technologies.

Theo Voyatzoglou, President of Data2Intel, commenting on this current situation, says, "There has been a solution to this problem for several years. Up until now, no administration has wanted to make any dramatic change to such a challenging situation. Wall or no wall, to control and manage the logistics however one tries to resolve this issue, is a logistical nightmare. Our company has the technology and expertise to assist in this minefield, yet up until now has not been able to convince our government to take a look at it, due to the politics in Washington, D.C."

Data2Intel specializes in Real-Time Data Collection, Fusion and Processing of Information with the purpose of accurately and timely 'Connecting the Dots' in order to Derive Intelligence, Assess Risks and Threats, and take the necessary mitigating actions, including the proactive Sharing of Information and issuing of Alerts to all the appropriate people, in order for them to be successful in their roles and make a difference. This revolutionary technology is ideal for all facets of National Security, especially Border Security and Immigration.

Theo Voyatzoglou is confident that his company's system will have a huge impact on the country's borders, and says, "The Information Technology portion of a Data2Intel Border Security and Immigration system is relatively inexpensive to install and operate, and can save billions of taxpayer dollars as a result of its own efficient operation, as well as the cause and effect it has on related functions and human activities. We have the solution; we hope that this new Government can cut through the red tape and secure our borders once and for all."

Since our borders include ports, airports, land and rail crossings, including the areas between the border posts, securing our borders and efficiently fighting illegal immigration cannot be a standalone effort. In order to be successful, we need to have access to all the related information possible. Data2Intel's next-generation technology has the ability to tap into and consolidate information across the spectrum of National Security systems and missions at the Federal, State, and Local levels, including: Defense, Homeland Security, Counterterrorism, Law Enforcement, Immigration & Customs, Civil Protection & Public Safety, Transportation & Commerce, Ports & Airports, Health, Energy, etc. It derives and shares credible and actionable Intelligence with all the appropriate people, in a timely manner. This includes information such as: people's identities and aliases, biometric records, e-Verify, visa records, watch lists, incarceration records, and tracking information. In a nutshell, the system simplifies coordination, prioritization, synchronization and transparency across Security Agencies and Law Enforcement.

Using Data2Intel's technology, Real-Time and Automated collection and processing of 'Signals' results in the 'dots' or data points being used to produce intelligence and timely share it with the appropriate parties. Signals generated in border security and immigration processes can be initiated by both humans and tactical devices. Data2Intel's solution deciphers the meaning of each signal, including who, what, when and where something transpired, and dynamically takes all necessary actions required to initiate follow-up by the relevant authorities, i.e., the system does the 'heavy lifting' before handing over to humans.

Historically, over $1 Billion was spent on the initial South Border Initiative (a.k.a. SBInet), a development project aimed at deploying tactical equipment on the Southern border that could sense illegal border crossings through the use of motion detectors, infrared and thermal scanners, video feeds, etc. The overall project failed because the information from the devices could not be managed properly. After a lot of effort and a large price tag, SBInet was cancelled as a 'failed project'.

According to the Congressional testimony of then Commissioner of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Alan D. Bersin, "It was missing a central processing system that could manage the events and signals from all the electronic monitoring devices deployed on the border." This is precisely what Data2Intel's technology does. It has been designed to automatically and intelligently manage large volumes of detection- and monitoring-device signals, data, and information, regardless of electronic formats or hardware platforms, and instantly communicate the information or alerts to people and systems that rely on it.

Data2Intel's solution can provide CBP agents with real-time intelligence and geospatial information stemming from signals gathered from such tactical devices while orchestrating a response across all Federal, State, and Local Agencies involved in Border Security and Immigration Enforcement.

People at border checkpoints can be instantly screened across databases, prior to admitting them, checking for potential terrorist or criminal connections, or other past transgressions. Benefits of enhanced screening include: Validation of personal identity, documents, and visas; Collection and Validation of biometric / biographic information; Automatic checks for potential overstays, and assistance in locating individuals; Identification of Association with other people of security concern; and, Transparency in border security and immigration, with a higher standard of follow up.

Many new measures in Transportation Security have adversely impacted the Supply Chain, due to more delays and increased costs in both the public and private sectors. The solution provides a multi-party framework that enhances processing in Border Security, Immigration, and Commerce, with one unified system that covers all modes of transportation. The system speeds up security processes and release times, and results in the efficient use of security and trading parties' personnel. Its 'management-by-exception' processing also eliminates human errors that result from: lack of information, lapse in concentration, sheer volumes, poor judgment, failure to pinpoint problems or anomalies, and delays in passing-on of information.

If you are a government agent, a member of the US Customs & Border Protection Department or have a business that is adversely impacted by today's slow supply chain as a result of the current immigration system, then contact Data2Intel today at 800 240 1321 or email for more information or a copy of our white paper.


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About Data2Intel
Data2Intel is a privately-held, Florida, USA-based provider of Information Technology solutions for National Security and Intelligence. While its software's heritage is in the Defense Industry, due to its versatility, it has also enjoyed great success in other industries, including: Automotive, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Construction, Healthcare, and Payment Systems.

Since 2011, Data2Intel has turned its focus entirely on the tremendous challenges faced in the security space, and has tailored its 'extremely-fit-for-purpose' technology to address and resolve such countless, pressing challenges.

Data2Intel's Management Team has decades of experience and an impeccable track record in business management, project management, the software development lifecycle, and system implementations, having delivered hundreds of successful IT-driven business solutions and automation projects.

The company specializes in customer-specific, shrink-wrapped, security-related business solutions, and its expert team of SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) has the real-world experience and skills necessary to produce seamless research, development, implementation, and support services, providing all the professional services typical of such project engagements.


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