Discover Any Form of Cancer or Disease You Are Predisposed to by Knowing Your DNA and 2 Blood Types

"If you know you're predisposed to any form of disease, you can change your diet, environment, lifestyle or epigenetic genes to avoid getting it. You can't change something you don't know what it is, "says 64DNA Scientist Bob Ainuu Afamasaga.
By: 64DNA
LOS ANGELES - Sept. 9, 2016 - PRLog -- 64DNA, a privately held company in Los Angeles, California and its founder Bob Ainuu Afamasaga released their 'DNA Alphabet Table' based on the Master Blueprint HWHY [5']-YHWH [3']: YHWH [3']-HWHY [5'] which shows the 24 pairs of Master DNA Sequences and all the diseases you're predisposed to. This trademarked and copyrighted 'DNA Alphabet Table,' and 24 Master DNA Sequence pairs are discussed in details by Bob Ainuu Afamasaga in his soon to be release book titled, "The Magnificent Universe."

Mr. Ainuu Afamasaga said, "In our previous 3 Press Releases, I explained how you can get your Master DNA Sequence which predetermines your epigenetic brain of either MIND or BODY and 2 Blood Types. Your 2 Blood Types are a combination of the following; 12 Blood Types A, 12 Blood Types B, 12 Blood Types O (or HA, HB) and 12 Blood Types AB (HHAA, HHBB). Your 2 Blood Types are predetermined by your DNA sequence which put current practices in blood transfusions and medicine outdated. But the neuroplasticity of the epigenetic brain or the resilience of the human body to adjust to survive is why such practices works but could be updated!"

"The Maternal or MIND Brain is composed of the 4 Lobes; Frontal, Temporal, Parietal, and Occipital governed by these 12 Maternal (XX, XY) Master sequence of; CGATTM, CGTATM, CAGTTM, CATGTM, CTGATM, CTAGTM, GCATTM, GCTATM, GACTTM, GATCTM, GTACTM, GTCATM and their pairs or 24 Master Sequences. The 24 DNA pairs of the MIND Brain and 24 DNA pairs of the BODY Brain are discussed in my book.  The MIND Brain represents your Mother's DNA from her Mom, right hemisphere and her Dad, left hemisphere. The BODY Brain represents your father's DNA from his Dad, right side of body and his Mother, left side of body," says Mr. Ainuu Afamasaga.

Mr. Ainuu Afamasaga said, "The RIGHT hemisphere of your MIND Brain is governed by these 6 dominant Maternal female (XX) sequences with their equivalent maternal, paternal 2 Blood Types and 8 Chromosomes but we will list only 4 Chromosomes each in this Press Release; GCTA: B+, A+ [1, 24, 14, 11], GCAT: B-, A- [5, 20, 15, 10], GATC: B+, HA+ (O+) [5, 20, 15, 10], GACT: B-, HA- (O-) [9, 23, 6, 12], GTCA: B+, AA+ [17, 22, 3, 8] and GTAC: B+, HHAA+ (OO+) [21, 18, 4, 7]. The last 2 Chromosomes of each DNA Sequence is where any disease predisposition is at. For example, if your DNA Sequence is GCTA with your 2 Blood Types of B+, and A+, your disease predispositions will be in Chromosome 11, and 14. Some of the diseases and disorders in Chromosome 11 are Autism, Bladder Cancer, Breast Cancer, Depression, and Cystic Fibrosis to name a few. Having a disease predisposition does not mean you will get the disease. All it means is you have it in your epigenetic DNA but your diet, environment, lifestyle and epigenetic genes itself will bring it out. For example, if you are predisposed to getting a Flu and you go to places or environments where people are sick with the Flu, definitely you will get the Flu."

"The LEFT hemisphere of your MIND Brain is governed by one of these 6 recessive Maternal male (XY) sequences with its equivalent 2 Blood Types and 4 Chromosomes; CGTA:A+, B+ [2, 16, 19, 13], CGAT: A-, B- [6, 12, 9, 23], CATG: A+, HB+(O+) [10, 15, 20, 5], CAGT: A-, HB-(O-) [14, 11, 1, 24], CTGA: A+, BB+ [18, 21, 7, 4], and CTAG: A+, HHBB+ (OO+) [22, 17, 8, 3] which controls the right side of your BODY Brain. "says Ainuu Afamasaga.

Mr. Ainuu Afamasaga said, "The Paternal or BODY Brain is composed of the; Limbic Systems, Brainstem-Cerebellum, Spinal Cord and Sacral Nerves governed by these 12 Paternal (XY, XX) DNA of; AGCTTM, AGTCTM, ACGTTM, ACTGTM, ATGCTM, ATCGTM, TGACTM, TGCATM, TCGATM, TCAGTM, TAGCTM, TACGTM and their pairs.  The RIGHT side of your Body Brain is governed by these 6 dominant Paternal Male (XY) epigenetic gender sequences and their equivalent 2 Blood Types and 4 Chromosomes; TGAC: BB+, A+ [4, 7, 21, 18], TGCA:BB+, HA+(O+) [8, 3, 22, 17], TCAG: AA+, B+ [12, 6, 23, 9], TCGA: AA+, HB+(O+) [16, 2, 13, 19], TAGC: HHBB+(OO+), A+ [20,5, 10, 15] and TACG: HHAA+ (OO+), B+ [24, 1, 11, 14] which also controls the left hemisphere of your MIND Brain. "

"The LEFT side of your Body Brain is governed by these 6 recessive Paternal female (XX) DNA Sequences and their equivalent 2 Blood Types and 4 Chromosomes; AGTC: HA+ (O+), B+ [3, 8, 17, 22], AGCT: HA-(O-), B- [7, 4, 18, 21], ACTG: HB+(O+), A+ [11, 14, 24, 1], ACGT: HB-(O-), A- [15, 10, 5, 20], ATGC: HB+(O+), AA+ [19, 13, 2, 16] and ATCG: HA+(O+), BB+ [23, 9, 12, 6]which also controls the right hemisphere of the MIND Brain," said Ainuu Afamasaga.

Mr. Ainuu Afamasaga says, "It's so easy to discover your disease predisposition now. We are already disclosing 50% of the data here on this Press Release. If you already received DNA information about your heritage from some DNA Sequencing company, re-contact them and ask to test for your Master DNA Sequence. You can forward them any of our Press Releases about the 24 pairs of the Master DNA Sequence. Once you receive that DNA information, take it to your Health Professional for consultation and advice. You can access the 'DNA Alphabet' on my 'Google Plus' account or request at The above discoveries are summarized in my bio on"

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