Eat All the Food You Want and Lose Weight Based On Your DNA-2 Blood Types Discovery by 64DNA

"When you eat food based on your DNA-2 Blood Types, you won't gain any weight because your body naturally used what it needs and dispose of what it can't use, "says 64DNA Scientist Afamasaga.
By: 64DNA
SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Oct. 9, 2016 - PRLog -- 64DNA, a privately held company in Los Angeles, California and its founder Bob Ainuu Afamasaga released their 'DNA Alphabet Table' based on the Master Blueprint HWHY [5']-YHWH [3']: YHWH [3']-HWHY [5'] which shows that our Diet is based on how our Master DNA works. This trademarked and copyrighted 'DNA Alphabet Table is discussed in details by Bob Ainuu Afamasaga in his soon to be release book titled, "The Magnificent Universe."

Mr. Afamasaga said, "The correlation between Blood Types and DNA were discovered by Dr. Fumiichiro Yamamoto and his colleagues at the Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute in Barcelona, Spain. Their discoveries demonstrated that DNAs are the molecular expression of Blood Types, Blood Types are the cellular expression of DNA and both were the same phenomena. The cloning of Dolly the Lamb where an electric shock was put between the embryo and somatic cell to initiate its fertilization showed that 'life is the electromagnetic' in and between the DNA molecules. The DNA is NOT THE CODE OF LIFE but the HOST OF LIFE. We are the energy that resides in and between the DNA molecule or inside the Blood. Any food that we eat must sustained and maintained both the DNA where we live and us, the Energy."

"We have incorporated the Electromagnetic and DNA-2 Blood Types discoveries to create our 'DNA Alphabet Table.' We are either more Electrical or Magnetic or Electromagnetic and we each have 2 Blood Types that we inherit one from our mother and the other from our father. Due to the neuroplasticity of our epigenetic MIND and BODY Brain, our DNA-2 Blood Types can change from dominant to recessive, recessive to dominant or father to mother DNA-2 Blood Type or vice versa influenced by unbalanced; Diet, Environment, Lifestyle, and our epigenetic genes itself," says Afamasaga.

Mr. Afamasaga said, "Our Diet is so essential to our wellbeing because it is 1 of the 4 variables that can laterally change who we are or our DNA-2 Blood Types. The only current Diet in the marketplace based on DNA is Dr. D'Adamo's 'Blood Types Diet' and 'Genotype Diet.'  We have enhanced Dr. D'Adamo's 'Blood Types Diet' based on our discoveries. We have also incorporate these 38 most popular Diets rated by US NEWS and World Report Magazine; DASH, MIND, TLC, Mayo Clinic, The Fertility, Mediterranean, Volumetric, Flexterian, Ornish, Vegetarian, The Traditional Asian, SLIM Fast, Flat Belly, Biggest Loser, South Beach, Atkins, Glycemic-Index, Macrobiotic, Medifast, Dukan, Paleo, Zone, Jenny Craig, Dr. Weil's Anti-Inflamatory, Spark Solution, HRM Program, Nutrisystem, Abs, The Engine 2, Vegan, Eco-Atkins, Acid Alkaline, Supercharged Hormone, Body, The Fast, Raw Food, Whole30, Body Type  and Body Reset into the DNA Diet."

"A person who is one of the following 6 dominant Maternal female (XX) sequences with its equivalent 2 Blood Types is 'Blood Type B' dominant with its secondary; GCTATM: B+, A+, GCATTM: B-, A-, GATCTM: B+, HA+ (O+), GACTTM: B-, HA- (O-), GTCATM: B+, AA+ and GTACTM: B+, HHAA+ (OO+). Blood Type B people are more MAGNETIC. The food they eat must be more Electrical or Acidic to balance their body's magnetism. Their Diet must be based ONLY on the primary 'Blood Type B' or a combination of both in a 80/20 ratio," says Afamasaga.

Mr. Afamasaga said, "A person who is one of the following 6 recessive Maternal male (XY) sequences with its equivalent 2 Blood Types is 'Blood Type A' dominant with its secondary; CGTATM:A+, B+, CGATTM: A-, B-, CATGTM: A+, HB+(O+), CAGTTM: A-, HB-(O-), CTGATM: A+, BB+, and CTAGTM: A+, HHBB+ (OO+). Blood Type A people are more ELECTRICAL. The food they eat must be more Magnetic or Alkaline to balance their body's ELECTRICITY. Their Diet must be based ONLY on their primary "Blood Type A' or a combination of both in a 80/20 ratio."

"A person who one of the following 6 dominant Paternal male (XY) sequences with its equivalent 2 Blood Types is 'Blood Type AB' dominant with its secondary; TGACTM: BB+, A+, TGCATM:BB+, HA+(O+), TCAGTM: AA+, B+, TCGATM: AA+, HB+(O+), TAGCTM: HHBB+(OO+), A+ and TACGTM: HHAA+ (OO+), B+. Blood Type AB people are neutral or ELECTROMAGNETIC. The food they eat must be both equally Alkaline and Acidic or neutral to balance their ELECTROMAGNITISM, "says Afamasaga.

Mr. Afamasaga said, "A person who is one of the following 6 recessive Paternal female (XX) DNA Sequences with its equivalent 2 Blood Types is 'Blood Type O' dominant with its secondary. Blood Type O people are ELECTROMAGNETIC and there are 2 types where ELECTRICITY is dominant in the HA and MAGNETISM is dominant in HB; AGTCTM: HA+ (O+), B+, AGCTTM: HA-(O-), B-, ACTGTM: HB+(O+), A+, ACGTTM: HB-(O-), A-, ATGCTM: HB+(O+), AA+ and ATCGTM: HA+(O+), BB+. Depending on the O type, food type for HA is 80% Electrical-Acidic and 20% Magnetic-Alkaline and 80% Magnetic-Alkaline and 20% Electrical-Acidic for the HB. A combination with the secondary changed the ratio to 50/50."

"By knowing your DNA-2 Blood Types you will know exactly your DNA Diet to BALANCE your body. You can access the 'DNA Alphabet Table' on my 'Google Plus' account or request at The above discoveries are summarized in my bio on," says Ainuu Afamasaga.

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