Interview Like the Presidents!

Love them or hate them, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and Barak Obama all have mastered the video interview. Love them or hate them, video job interviews are here to stay. Learn from the Presidents of the US how to nail your next video job interview
Interview Like the President Tom Sheppard, Barak Obama, Ronald Reagan, Clinton
Interview Like the President Tom Sheppard, Barak Obama, Ronald Reagan, Clinton
SALT LAKE CITY - Aug. 13, 2016 - PRLog -- Regardless of your political party, if you want to Get and Keep the Job You WantTM you are going to want to get your own copy of "Interview Like the President" by Tom Sheppard.

Love them or hate them, you are going to have to learn to live with them.  Video interviews are here to stay.  Employers and recruiters are using them to cut costs while searching for the ideal job candidates.  If you don't understand the "Do's and Don'ts" of going on camera for a job interview, you may eliminate yourself as a job candidate for life with the company you always wanted to work for.

Tom Sheppard has been on both sides of the interview table.  He has even been behind both sides of the table, coaching hiring managers and job seekers alike in how to ask and answer questions that will get desired results.

From his recent experience conducting video interviews he has put together this helpful piece.

If you are a job seeker, you will want to read this before your next video interview, and not just a few minutes before.  Some of the most crucial parts of the job interview are the technology.  You need to make sure it is working right well in advance of the interview.

If you are a recruiter, trying to get your clients hired, you will want to read this and get copies for all your job candidates.  One nationwide recruiting company recently made arrangements with the author to provide copies of this article to all their job candidates.  You will want to do the same.

This article will teach you how to overcome the unique challenges of video interviews:

>  The technology challenges - if you don't get this right, it doesn't matter how good you really are.

>  The body language challenges - too much movement, or too little movement can detract or even destroy your personal presentation.

>  The background challenges - too much or too little can distract from you and your interview skills.

Learn how to overcome these challenges and more.

You may hate or love the likes of Barak Obama, Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan.  Foes and friends alike all concede that these three US Presidents have used television interviews and speeches with a level of power and expertise that leaves people awestruck.  There is no question about it, these guys know how to nail the video interview - every single time.

Using examples from video interviews of US Presidents, the author illustrates the importance of many of the finer points of nailing the video interview.

Interview Like the President is available to job seekers for the first time, right now.  Get your own copy right now and tell everyone you know who is looking for a job that they need to get their own copy today.

Use this link today to get your copy of "Interview Like The President"

Learn more about Tom Sheppard at his Amazon Author Page:


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