Red e App Survey of HR Professionals at SHRM 2016 Reveals a Lack of Connection with Hourly Employees

Mobile has the potential to bring hourly employees from neglected to connected
Communications survey reveals the potential of mobile to transform engagement
Communications survey reveals the potential of mobile to transform engagement
LOUISVILLE, Ky. - June 23, 2016 - PRLog -- Red e App, an internal communications mobile application used by corporations globally to more effectively communicate with hourly workers, surveys over 300 HR professionals at the national SHRM (Society for Human Resources Management) conference. The survey results indicate that companies are unable to measure internal communications and are slowly adapting to the mobile behaviors of their workforce.

At the leading event for HR executives, Red e App learned that only 27% of companies surveyed have the ability to measure the reach and effectiveness of their communications to employees. The survey was broken down by percentage of workers that were desktop and non-desk workers. The respondents were fairly evenly distributed between companies with less than 25% non-desk employees, 25-50% non-desk, 50-75% non-desk and more than 75%+ non-desk. Non-desk workers are defined as employees in industries such as manufacturing, retail, restaurants and hospitality that typically do not sit at a desk to do their jobs and are not given access to corporate email.

The national SHRM conference attracts 15,000 HR professionals to its annual convention. The conference was hosted in Washington, DC this year from June 19-22. Red e App conducted its survey during the first two days of the conference. Red e App's prior studies revealed that 50% of hourly workers do not have access to company-provided email. Red e App's attendance at SHRM was to help HR professionals understand how Red e App can help companies better connect to these employees through a mobile platform.

According to the survey, companies with a majority of their workforce as desktop employees were more likely to track the effectiveness of their internal communications. This is expected as companies with fewer non-desk workers use email to communicate to their workforce and have access to email-tracking tools. Only 23% of companies with a majority of non-desk workers could do the same.

Nearly 1 in 3 respondents stated that their company or organization had a known strategy for deploying a mobile application to better communicate with their employees. Red e App's research study of hourly employees, published in late 2015, learned that 84% of non-desk workers own a smartphone.

With these results, it can be inferred that companies continue to neglect the communication needs and behaviors of their employees. Employers are not only ignoring effective ways to engage with employees but are also missing out on the potential to measure and predict employee engagement, compliance, and attrition.

Red e App predicts that mobile will be the catalyst to connect HR and Communications professionals with ALL employees within the organization. Employers and employees have a common desire to be engaged but lack the tools to do so effectively. Non-desk and hourly employees often feel neglected due to their lack of access to communications. Mobile will transform the ability to bring consistent communications and enablement to non-desk employees.

Companies can use mobile platforms like Red e App to ensure timely communication to employees that do not have access to company email. Red e App customers are also dramatically improving engagement metrics while reducing employee turnover. Customers are using Red e App's analytics to help with compliance, incident reporting, safety, emergency alerts, and surveys.

Amee Kent
Director of Marketing


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