World's first LED Replaceable Light Bulb

NEVER throw away another LED light bulb! Now you can just replace the LED light module! Saves money and the environment. Light bulb is Patented, Modular, and dimmable.
By: Lensicon Technology LTD
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BOISE, Idaho - June 2, 2016 - PRLog -- BrightYolk, an LED bulb that's modular.

Like other LED's, BrightYolk consumes 80% less energy and lasts about 50 times longer than the old incandescent bulbs. However, it's the most environmentally friendly LED on the market. When the light stops working, you replace the Power Module inside. This reduces the waste needing to be recycled (or thrown out if you do not have convenient recycling in your area). BrightYolk already has a U.S. patent.

The designers at Lensicon Technology LTD felt it was time to create something that will not only be more efficient, but be less of a burden on our environment. "Shouldn't we be striving to create more products and services that encourage less waste, less pollution, less transportation, not only recyclable, but smaller as well?"

Traditional LEDs are about 70 degrees to the touch, BrightYolk is only 40-50 Degrees.

Bright Yolk contributes to reducing emissions released into our atmosphere; there's less transportation for distribution. A truck can transport 3 times the number of Power Modules vs. traditional LED bulbs, reducing the CO2 emitted into our atmosphere. Since the Bright Yolk only requires one bulb body, the consumer only replaces the LED when needed. This results in less manufacturing, and therefore, less pollution.

Bright Yolk has launched a Kickstarter campaign and will be shipping worldwide. This is a product that is cost effective and environmentally efficient.


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