AVIO Audio Visual Eyewear Live on Indiegogo's Tech Crowdfunding Platform

AVIO Capture, Communicate, Connect - take Photos, Stream Video, Live Broadcasting, and Voice Commands in one Wearable Technology Device
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LAS VEGAS & PALM BEACH, Fla. - Dec. 16, 2015 - PRLog -- Las Vegas-based wearable technology company, AViwear, Inc. (www.aviwear.com), has joined the ranks of many startup companies raising funds and building brand awareness through crowdfunding.  Today, they have launched a $106,500 campaign on Indiegogo (http://igg.me/at/AVIO) to fund the first production run of their AVIO wearable technology eyewear. AVIO has the first patent-pending interchangeable modular-designed system that becomes an extension of your smart phone.  AVIO, short for Audio Video Input Output, not only records video and takes photos similar to a GoPro® in the form aspect of glasses, AVIO also has over 26 unique functions and features; including the ability to place phone calls, stream music, respond to vocal commands through SIRI® and Voice Command®, record live broadcast video using the streaming app of your choice for sharing with friends and family on social media, and more!  AVIO uses Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi® connectivity through your smart phone and becomes an extension of your phone.

AVIO's modular and interchangeable technology allow you to change out batteries, lens types and colors, different colors and styles of frames, specialty nose pieces and a variety of earbuds. AVIO works to capture, communicate and connect your story with others!  The company's Co-Founder, CTO Bruce Sneath explains, "Instead of trying to build a device with all the bells and whistles, we built connectivity to the existing smart devices and applications consumers already use.  Google's Glass, Recon and others have created all-in-one wearable devices but AVIO works directly with existing smartphone technology to enhance the experience for the user in the way they are already doing things today." Sneath says, "Our AVIO platform allows us to create that connectivity through our AViCAST™ app which really is the bridge between the smartphone and our device."

The company's leadership team decided to launch AVIO through Indiegogo after learning of its new partnership with specialty retailer, Brookstone (www.brookstone.com). Brookstone has expanded its product search by distinguishing creative products like AVIO on the Indiegogo platform. A deal with Brookstone would expedite the entry of AVIO into the U.S. market.

Company Founder Dan Shannon, an avid skier says, "The initial vision was to create a camera to capture amazing views of the slopes without strapping something to your head." With well over three years of development and releasing other standalone video-recording and Bluetooth sunglass devices along the way, Shannon and Sneath finished the initial designs and first prototypes of AVIO.  Former NBA player and current top-ten motivational speaker, Walter Bond (www.walterbond.com), saw what Shannon and Sneath were creating and joined the company as a spokesman. Bond helped to recruit Joe McNaney of Wellington Capital and CellMark to become the CEO and Chief fundraiser this summer. Within two months, McNaney secured the funds the company needed to complete the final tweaks to AViwear's AVIO platform.

Like other wearable technology innovators hoping to capture their share of the growing industry, AViwear's business leaders have turned to crowdfunding. In order to ensure a successful campaign, the company hired a crowd funding coach and specialist, Jay Wittner of www.kickstartercoaching.com to assist in telling their story. "As a father, I'm constantly recording my daughter's singing performances and other events. I get so tired holding my camera or phone in the right position throughout a performance. The new AVIO glasses with built-in high-capacity storage will revolutionize video recording for both family use and adventure sports," said Wittner.

The wearable technology market 2020 projections estimate $58B in sales. AViwear plans to lead the forecasted technology eyewear market share of 3.5% (as indicated by IDC Worldwide) and grab another 10% of GoPro's customer base in the camera/video market by 2019.  Companies or investors interested in AViwear or the AVIO project can contact Walter Bond at walter@aviwear.com.

AViwear has 34 days to raise the funds needed for AVIO production.  You can follow and share the progress on Twitter @aviwearusa (www.twitter.com/aviwearusa) and Facebook @aviwear (www.facebook.com/aviwear).  Please consider making a donation and becoming among the first to own AVIO eyewear.  Click here to view the project live: http://igg.me/at/AVIO.


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