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VOVIE: NSA, hacker & malware free Pro HD Calls now, and text, share, chat apps for 2016. Try VOVIE pro HD calls free here and buy perks to support secure, cost-less, HD communications for friends, family & business. Let's upgrade communications!
By: Meeting to You Corp dba VOVIE.
1st Secure Device to Device Direct  Network
1st Secure Device to Device Direct Network
CINCINNATI - Nov. 2, 2015 - PRLog -- Problem: DARPA, NSA codes inside smart devices now power outside copies of users' communications. They cut call quality over 50%, use up to 50% of your battery and increase your data costs 50-80%, powering "remote copies."
Solution: VOVIE's direct device to device communications protocol: doubles or more every user's call resolution, cuts user data cost over 50%, extends battery life 30-50% and is invisible without your device, password and user name, all at once. VOVIE is your chance for direct, secure costless communications.

Infrastructure developers Norm Towson, Ted Rybicki and team have self funded and invented VOVIE device to device (D2D) secure global communications software. We seek your donation to launch true communications freedom and unleash the current restrictions for Windows, Android and Apple devices here:

VOVIE: Online Communications Freedom Goals.
1. Pro HD Calls & Text; 2. Instant: Share, Play, Video, Movies, Photos, Music
3. Social Posts; 4. HD Video Chat, 2-8 Ways

Did you know?
Most of YOUR DATA COST now powers remote copies of YOUR DATA! All calls & information are sent off to others' servers to copy! Copies drop call quality, up Data Cost and Carriers Charge you! Regulator Codes are in all devices now powering their own copies!

VOVIE direct connections are faster, higher resolution, cheaper, and secure from: All Spies, Viruses, Malware, Trojans, Hackers, Manufacturers, Operating Systems and ISPs. Donate now and help make clear, clean, costless networking a reality.

Norm Towson


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