VOVIE: 1st Device to Device (D2D) Phone Freedom App. Secures and Amplifies Every Connection! Try Pro HD VOVIE Encrypted Calls Free at Indiegogo.com

VOVIE direct, securely increases mobile connection strength 300%, call resolution >200%, lowers data cost over 50%, and extends battery life 30-50%! VOVIE stops "The other server copies and traffic" eliminating most of your data cost! Go networking.

Team Pro HD Calls free now; Instant share/play videos, music, photos and video chat goals for 2016. VOVIE is safe from all Spies, Malware, Viruses and Trojans. VOVIE is simply a better way for people to communicate!
By: Meeting to You Corp dba VOVIE.
Device to Device, Beam Me Up, Safe, Cost Less and HD!
Device to Device, Beam Me Up, Safe, Cost Less and HD!
CINCINNATI - Oct. 26, 2015 - PRLog -- CEO Norman Towson says, "VOVIE turns a smart device into a private direct communications signal server! VOVIE D2D direct triples connection signal strength of your current devices, sees contacts online, learns fastest route and remembers. VOVIE D2D Values: Reduces Data Cost 50-80%; ups Call or Video Chat resolution over 200%; Transmits & plays videos, photos, music and docs 7 times faster; extends battery life 1/3 for calls and 50% for for videos! "

How? Your data costs are more than doubled because user data powers others copies of all your connections! Today you have "free regulator codes" inside every device sending everything to "someone somewhere" to copy your personal communications! Their remote copies can drop your signal quality up to 400%, increasing YOUR CARRIER DATA COST 50-80%; make you wait 4 seconds for one page; are insecureable; and burn up your battery doing it. VOVIE D2D changes all this with a clean 60dB video signal that Wireshark analyzers show as over 300% more efficient than iPhone, Skype and others.

Apple, Android, and other devices can beam data a few meters using LTE Direct or other wireless methods. Everything else they send somewhere for copies. VOVIE overrides their copy code and connects your friends, family and associates devices direct across any net, anywhere in the world. VOVIE will triple the strength of your connection, up your call or chat resolution at least 200% (500% over 2G), extend your battery life hours, and secure everything from Spies, Viruses, Trojans, and all Malware.

We seek supporters for our freedom of communications campaign now at Indiegogo.com. If you want fast communications, lower phone costs, and higher resolution every connection, please go to our campaign and donate now.

Try VOVIE Free here for Windows: https://goo.gl/XBkhhJ.

Meeting to You Corporation is the holding company for all VOVIE technology.

Norman Towson


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