We Must Change How We Think About Sustainability

Energy Managers advised to add water management to their portfolios
Water management is an essential part of energy management
Water management is an essential part of energy management
DALLAS - Oct. 13, 2015 - PRLog -- October is Energy Action Month, a time when our nation focuses on creating a secure, clean, and prosperous energy future. But as we concentrate on energy this month, it is essential that we remember the ever-present connection between energy and water. Without water we could not produce energy. Also, energy waste causes water waste and water waste often involves energy waste.

The two are too intertwined to focus on energy without focusing on water. However, we say water matters more.

Here’s why:

Water is a scarce resource that must be protected for the future.

That statement may not hit home for you if you live in a region with plenty of water. But just because you have plenty of water now, doesn’t mean you always will, right? By 2025, 1.8 billion people will experience absolute water scarcity. By 2030, almost half the world will live under conditions of high water stress. We don’t have time to ignore water; these statistics are only 10 and 15 years away.

Within those 10 to 15 years, water scarcity will have a massive impact on our nation. Right now, more than 33 million people and a quarter million jobs depend on the Colorado River, but it’s already running dry in places. Imagine when those 33 million people no longer have access to water they’ve always relied on. Lake Mead, which supplies 22 million people in the Southwest is estimated to be dry in less than 30 years. There’s another 22 million Americans who would benefit from better management of their water resources. 40 out of 50 states are predicted to experience water shortages in the next five years.

This is why it’s time to change the way we’ve thought about sustainability for decades.

We propose that Energy Managers begin to expand their focus from solely energy to utility management and include water. It could be the easiest change you ever make. If every Energy Manager in the U.S. would make this change, rivers and aquifers across the country would rejoice! When water isn’t professionally managed, no one ever sees how much is being lost. Despite the popularity of water-efficient bathrooms and alternative cooling methods, 66% of commercial properties overwater by 500,000 gallons per acre per year. This is happening outside on your landscape!

On top of the huge environmental benefits of managing water, it is a highly profitable market, as well.

Why? Because water cost is rising faster than any other utility.

Water is one of the top three operation costs for most commercial properties and the price of water is rising faster than U.S. inflation and faster than electricity, gas, and telephone service. Doesn’t it make sense that companies would want to keep a closer eye on such a large expense? But somehow it’s slipped through the cracks for years.

According to the EPA, 70% of urban water usage comes from irrigation systems and up to 50% of that is lost due to over-watering, evaporation, or poor systems and practices. If you could reduce one of your largest operation expenses by 50%, that would be a no-brainer, wouldn’t it? You’d be promoted immediately. They’d name a building after you. Adding water management to your portfolio will open a whole new segment to differentiate you from your competitors.

Weathermatic recently completed a 500 site irrigation water conservation initiative for a national bank where the first month generated 43 million gallon savings on ¼ acre lots. The quick results and low investment of a water sustainability plan are not speculative, they are science. Our customers save an average of 50% in gallons and 43% in dollars.

If you agree about the importance of managing water but you’re not sure where to start, please reach out to us! We have the resources to help you create a customized irrigation water conservation program for your entire portfolio of properties.

Professionally managed properties deserve professional water management. We cannot keep letting water waste go unnoticed. Will you help us spread the word and save our most precious resource, one portfolio at a time?

About Us:

Weathermatic is a leading provider of water-conserving technology and services. Our products have been installed in more than 85 countries and on high profile properties like the U.S. Capitol Building and Buckingham Palace. Using proven irrigation science and market leading technology, our solutions help maximize landscape beauty while saving billions of gallons of water. Weathermatic also provides water-saving Sustainability Services for commercial properties that save an average of 50% in landscape water through smart irrigation technology implementation, monitoring, inspections and reporting. Learn more at Weathermatic.com.


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