Mens Anti Chafing Underwear - Including Long Leg Men's Boxer Shorts

If you are looking for the best underwear for men to relieve chafing, then you need to look for a fibre that is breathable and sweat absorbing as sweat is a common factor that causes chafing.
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Coolmax Underwear
Coolmax Underwear
YORKSHIRE, U.K. - Sept. 18, 2015 - PRLog -- Thanks to the advances in fiber technologies, new fibres have been specially developed to wick away moisture from the body. One fibre that has been developed for this reason is COOLMAX®.

COOLMAX® is made from a 4 or 6 channel fibre that forms a transport system that pulls moisture away from the skin to the outer layer of the fabric. It then dries that moisture faster than competitive fabric and thereby thermoregulates the body by a process called evaporative cooling, thus creating a breathable and moisture wicking fabric.

Sweating is one of the body’s natural mechanisms to stay cool. Engineered with special technology to wick moisture and enhance drying, COOLMAX® fabric helps you stay dry and energized – exactly what you need to feel comfortable not only during the day, but also throughout your exercise routines or during the night if you find that you sweat in bed.

Chaffree has developed an underwear range that is made from COOLMAX® fibre and has the added benefit of being a lightweight, quick drying, easy care fabric that is machine washable.

COOLMAX® is a certified fiber that contains bacteriostatic properties. These properties help to maintain the balance of micro-organisms that are present on the surface of the skin and essential to our health. It is another reason why Chaffree underwear is beneficial to people who suffer from yeast infections like thrush. By keeping the skin cool and dry it is therefore preventing the thrush from feeding and growing, which is what yeast infections need in order to thrive and survive.

Chaffree garments are also Latex free and contain a double looped cotton gusset that goes down the whole inside of the leg for extra comfort and protection. The gusset is double looped so that it helps to circulate more air around the area, helping to keep it as cool and dry as possible.

Chaffree men's boxer shorts have varying degrees of absorbency throughout their design to manage the more heavier areas of sweating especially around the crotch and lower back. They are made on seamless machines with the cotton gusset being sewn on the outer leg to avoid rubbing and the build up of friction whilst walking/moving. The fibre is stretchy and whilst it is a delicate fibre, it has the benefit of being durable and colourfast.

Chaffree men's boxer shorts are available in Short (5″) and Long (7″) leg lengths in Sizes Small-3XL (28″-56″) and are available for worldwide shipping.

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