Water bills in England and Wales fell by an average of 2%

Slash your Water Bill, Water bills in England and Wales fell by an average of 2% at the start of April – in some regions, the average price dropped by as much as 7%.
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LONDON - Aug. 22, 2015 - PRLog -- Water bills in England and Wales fell by an average of 2% at the start of April – in some regions, the average price dropped by as much as 7%.

Some customers saw a small increase to their bills though, and even if your bill shrunk there are still ways you can save more. The biggest decision is whether to switch from rateable bills to a water meter. For some in England and Wales, switching to a meter may save £100+ a year.

Bristol Water customers saw the most significant reduction (16%), yet some water companies actually increased prices – for example, Portsmouth Water bills grew by an average of 2%. In Scotland too bills increased by up to 1.6%. There were no domestic water charges in Northern Ireland.

Unlike with gas and electricity, you can't switch to a cheaper water provider to push your bills down further. But the steps below can help you save by deciding how you're billed (though, sadly, water meters aren't free in Scotland).

2015/2016 price changes contact us See how much your bill dropped or increased in the full regionally.Water bill changes 2015/16 based on average use - England & Wales

Step 1: Can you save £100s with a water meter?

The water market may be privatised, but it's not open to competition, meaning you can't switch and your actions are limited. This means the most important decision is how you're billed. There are two ways you can be billed:

· You pay a fixed bill depending on your home's size

· Without a water meter, your bill will be based on your home's 'rateable value'. The amount of water used is irrelevant.

Before 1990, councils assessed homes to produce rateable values, and they were based on what rent homes could raise in the private market. Criteria for rateable values included the property's size. All homes were last assessed in 1973. Between then and 1990, only new homes were assessed. Since 1990, all new homes have been fitted with water meters.

There are no plans to change the archaic, rateable value system. Unfortunately, there's no prospect of getting your home's value re-assessed. In Scotland, water bills are based on council tax bands. There are no domestic water charges in Northern Ireland.

You pay for the water you use
About 40% of homes have a water meter, where the size of your bill depends on your consumption.

Should you get a water meter?
It's important to work out if a meter is financially worthwhile. As a rough rule of thumb, if there are more or the same number of bedrooms in your house than people, check out getting a meter. Sadly in Scotland it's not free to have a water meter installed (it's actually quite pricey) so, unless you live alone in a manor-type-property, you should stick to estimated payments.

The rough rule of thumb is simple. If there are more bedrooms in your house than people, check out getting a water meter.

How much can you save?
It varies widely depending on your household's usage, but as a rough estimate an average household could save about £100+ a year, or more in some cases. Use the water meter calculators below for how to do a full check.

These water meter successes using this guide show the potential savings:

Switched a few years back and now pay £45 a month less. Plus makes me more conscious of what I use. Fixed dripping taps, Fix constantly dripping or overflowing Toilets into the Pan, the cost of fixing this mostly less than £20 compared to paying extra £15 every month that leaking Toilet or Tap is costing you (incase you need any help on fixing this call us for Free Advice on 01482291992).

How do I know if I have a dripping Toilet?

· After Flushing your toilet wait a few minutes to observe if theres a trickle of water running at the back of the Toilet Pan/Bowl.

· Check your Toilet Pan if you can see any Lime Sscale marks/Stain at the back of the Pan.

· After Flushing your Toilet does the Push Button gets stuck and you can hear the Cistern Filling constantly and you have to keep pressing the Push Button till it Pops Back Up to normal Position?

· If you have a Lever Toilet (Chrome Side Handle or Front Handle Toilet) do you have to press the Handle morethan once before all the contents in the Bowl/Pan disappear?

Advised by The Water Regulations Advisory Scheme-WRAS ‘water fitting should not cause waste, misuse, undue consumption'

Whether a water meter's worthwhile depends on your water company and usage.

Free water meter calculator below -Updated with 2015-16 charges

Step 1: Refused a meter? Get an assessed bill

Water companies must fit meters for free on request (not in Scotland) unless it's flats with shared pipes. You can appeal against the decision if a water company says it won't fit a meter. Go to the regulator, OFWAT.

Some companies don't base assessed charges on the number of people living in the house, but instead offer a single occupancy rate. The most common assessed charges are based on:

The number of bedrooms in your property, The type of property you live in, The number of people who live in the property, A fixed charge based on the average metered bill in your company's area.

Step 2: Are you due a light sewerage rebate?

While the water meter billing system's mostly straightforward, it's assumed "what goes in, must come out", and that any water used creates roughly an equivalent amount in sewerage. The general assumption's that 90-95% goes back. But this can be wrong in a few specific circumstances. If that's the case, you can get serious money back.

Step 3: Grab water-saving Spares

We have Flush Valve Seals for all Toilets dating back to 1998, Less than a £10

Scores of Inlet Valve Diaphragms less than £12 including O’Rings and Tap Cartridges for your Kitchen, Bidet, Bath and Shower Taps (which help regulate water usage). These Spares can cut water and energy bills by £100+ if you've a water meter. We are here to help you save money call us today.

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