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SJCAM’s explosion in popularity has resulted in an onslaught of fake and knock-off SJCAM products hitting the market. SJCAM has a “Security Check” aka Authentication Section. This is a page where buyers and authenticate SJCAMs.
NEW YORK - Aug. 11, 2015 - PRLog -- Have you done a search for “SJ4000″ or “SJ5000″ on a vendor platform and found hundreds or even thousands of SJCAM listings? It appears that all these are original SJCam S4000/Sj5000 listings, Right?  It most likely the fact most if not all of the listed results are Fake SJCam’s or  ”SJ Scam” as some victims have coined.

The fact is that the packaging, the screen printed logo, boot-up logo can all be copied in a manner which makes it hard to differentiate the real from the fake.

Here are several areas where fake SJCAM’s emulate the real SJCAM:

1) SJCAM Logo: It is different than the logo on official website. There are actually many wannabe SJCAM cameras in the market without a logo, so, if there is no Logo, then the buy is a “No Go” meaning it fails authenticity test. Lastly, some knock-off cameras have copied the logo perfectly so you may need to inspect further.

2) Waterproof Case: The original SJCAM SJ4000 case listing is on Many imitation SJCAM cases have black or dark grey screws; The original Case has silver screws. Another thing to check is the case size. The Original Case is fits snug to the camera. Many fake cases are more bulky than real SJCAM cases.

3) UI or User Interface: will be uploading videos of the boot-up screens and navigation menus of our SJCAM’s to our nearly created Youtube channel so stay tuned.

4) Packaging:  The boxes in which the real SJCAM and fake cameras are packed differ. Most obvious way to see this is simply check for obvious spelling mistakes.  An example of the most profound example is “water-resistab” spelling on the front of the box. Spelling mistakes can give you a pretty good clue on whether or not you are about to buy a fake SJCAM.   Also, to add to the note above regarding the altered or missing SJCAM logo above, if there is no logo, or if it differs from the Logo on, then it is fake.

Several special additions to the new original SJCAM packaging has are a scratch off silver coating and App Download QR codes. These can be on the right side panel of all SJCAM boxes. Simply scratch the silver coat off to view the Authentication code underneath (it scratches off like a lottery ticket). Then, simply enter that code into our "Security Check” or scan the app from our App "Download" page or scan from packaging.

5) Software and App: This is the best way to confirm that you bought a genuine SJCAM. Non-SJCAM products will not work with SJCAM firmware. The short-cut to verify the WiFi version of any SJCAM is to simply connect to first install the SJCAM App onto your device (Android or Mac) and try to connect your camera with it.  If you are connected, then your SJCAM is 100% Original.

Both potential customers and other buyers frequently contact wanting to know how to verify  SJCAM authenticity. Many buyers thought they were purchasing a Genuine or Original SJCAM only to find out that it was an inferior fake. Please share this article with anyone you know who may be considering purchasing a Genuine SJCAM.  The official SJCAM site with launch in early September. We will have more detailed pictures of updated packaging as well as more informative guides on have to protect yourself from buying a Fake SJCAM.

If you have any questions regarding whether a potential listing you are considering buying and want us to help verify if it an Authorized Reseller, then contact us. You can also contact us if you are having issues with authenticating your camera. We also encourage to report sellers selling fake SJCAMs.

At SJCAM we strive to protect our customers. We also offer great after-sales support including firmware updates and other support services.  Knock-off copies include zero after-sales support and have horrible quality so make sure to verify that the SJCAM seller is legit.  If you are a wholesale customer, you can contact directly.

Any suggestions or any other additional tips to add to this blog are fully encouraged. is building up a new resources section. Now that knock-off makers are getting better at mimicking SJCAM products, SJCAM has ramped up efforts to better protect SJCAM customers worldwide.

Please stay tuned for updated “Security Check” page with more in-depth verification tutorial and videos only from

Direct SJCAM Blog link is here:

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