Breakthrough Universal Switchgear Monitoring Solution at CIRED

The new wireless battery-less temperature system for continuous surveillance of switchgears successfully launched a few months ago will be showcased for the first time at CIRED on SENSeOR’s booth.
SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS, France - June 10, 2015 - PRLog -- After the successful commercial launch of the new Energy S1 systems a few months ago, SENSeOR couldn’t miss the opportunity to showcase these innovative solutions to Electricity Distribution main players at the next edition of the biennial conferences held in Lyon, France, in June. At CIRED, from the 16th to the 18th of June, on Booth L4, visitors will discover these small, light, totally passive and wireless temperature sensors enabling the control of overheating at the very heart of T&D equipment, like on the circuit breaker arms of medium-voltage Air Insulated Switchgears. With modular fastening system, or a single, integrated screw, these tiny sensors can also be placed on the cable connections and on the busbars inside the cabinet.

This system overcomes the difficulties of cable installation in retrofit, decreasing considerably the installation time versus a fiber optic solution for instance. It also measures accurately with direct contact the most critical points, and doesn’t require a clear line of sight, unlike thermal imagery. With up to 15 points monitored in a single MV cabinet, it allows very early warning in case of abnormal temperature increase, to prevent failures and apply condition-based maintenance. The continuous measurement with infinite autonomy also enables trends analysis, as the system can feed temperature data to a central control system 24/7 with Modbus-RTU communication protocol.

Such temperature surveillance enables load and overload management, with maximum efficiency, yet enhanced safety for users and operators, and guarantees life-cycle cost reductions. It grants a very quick and highly positive ROI to the implementation of this cost-effective monitoring system.

SENSeOR designed this breakthrough system thanks to the revolutionary SAW technology (Surface Acoustic Waves) applied to sensing, and tested it on key OEM’s equipment with the most demanding levels of dielectric robustness, RF-signal stability, and safe and reliable operation under high-voltage and current (545 kV, 5 kA), and the resulting high electro-magnetic fields. SENSeOR also put a lot of efforts making the system very easy to install and commission, facilitating the configuration with “smart” detection of sensors and system set-up.

CIRED’s visitors will be offered free demonstration of the system in their own equipment to discover all its benefits, live! As the system is the only multi-point SAW solution certified for worldwide license-free use, installation is eased in any country.

As it’s so quickly commissioned, we can also install it during the conference in any CIRED’s exhibitors switchgear showcased.

SENSeOR at CIRED, Booth L4. More information: and

Product information:

System Energy S1 Circuit Breaker: 6 sensors – Ambient temperature in option

System Energy S1 Switchgear: 15 sensors for stand-alone switchgears – 12 sensors in each cubicle for multi-cubicle configurations – Ambient temperature in option for 12-sensor systems

System Energy S1 Multi-cubicles: 3 sets of 6 sensors for 3 adjacent cubicles monitored with a single transceiver – Ambient temperature in each cubicle in option

Homologation: Worldwide license-free use for Medium voltage AIS – Air-insulated switchgears driven by IEC 62271 (auxiliary equipment / monitoring)

Interrogation distance: compatible with typical dimensions of primary and secondary AIS cubicles (ex.: 800x1550x2300 mm)

Accuracy: ± 2°C

Communication protocol: Modbus-RTU over RS485 through RJ45

System options: Local/remote programmable alerts, Graphic User Interface, Connector for additional sensors (Humidity, Partial Discharge)

Sensors (15 compatible references TSA EV01 and TSA EV11):

Temperature range: -25°C, 150°C

Dielectric robustness as per IEC 62271

Diameter: 34 mm – Height:  21 mm – Weight: 44 g

Modular Velcro strip fixation or M5 screw in sensor basis

Transceiver HTR01 for switchgear monitoring:

Supply voltage: 24V

Consumption: 100 mA

Rail DIN fixation


SENSeOR exploits Surface Acoustic Waves (SAW) to conceive unique-patented wireless passive sensors for temperature, pressure, strain and torque measurements. With infinite autonomy and no maintenance required, these sensors perform enhanced condition monitoring in Automation, Energy, Transportation – even in motion or rotation – like inside engines, in switchgears, in tunnel ovens or on moving belts.
Created in 2006, SENSeOR is headquartered in Sophia Antipolis (France) with offices in Besançon (France), and employs 20 people.
Its expert engineer team provides field engineering services and customized developments in addition to its standard sensor portfolio, to help its customers solve their measurement challenges.
Since 2012, SENSeOR is part of WIKA Group and benefits from the support and resources of this major player in the sensor market.


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