Daniel Imperato (I) 016 on Rubio foreign affairs trouble for the debts bankrupt USA

Daniel Imperato THE TIME BOMB says “ Rubio s interview at consul of foreign affairs just proves who ,what ,why when and where he is in age and policies that will bankrupt America .
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WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - May 15, 2015 - PRLog -- Daniel Imperato (I) 016 on Rubio foreign affairs, double trouble for the debts we owe, bankrupt Americas and against all parties.

Daniel Imperato THE TIME BOMB says “ Rubio s interview  at consul of foreign affairs speach will bankrupt America .

Rubio’s believes he can spar with Russian and Chinese leaders “master at the art “at the same match with his eloquent speech .

Just put him in the fox whole as great John McCain and see what he made up of.

Imperato a world class people person ( defamed by the political mafia)on a global scale with foreign poly experience from the ground floor up to the top echelons of the world.

Imperato has 30 years of world wide experience with honors and integrity concerning human rights and foreign polices that make our county a police state and the police of the world which is not good in this day and age and not a bright godly future for our nation.

We need not war ,not conflict we need to be Christ like for all  as well as protect our heart and sole which is the foundation of American rights under the united states constitution of which we have fallen short and the world is watching.

Why should the world follow the leader when the leader is OUT OF ORDER.  America as we knew it is in its last days.

The one world government is to come based on America caving to the foreign influx of customs and cultures that put out our social system ,education and work ethics out of order.

The generation of today know nothing of moral principles and respect for other human beings.

Rubio is goinaa put military naval exercises of the coast of china, he goanna demand china  put to pay attention Rubio is going too  chock the 10 th degree black belt with more sanctions.

Rubio s weak back bone of Miami Florida upbringing with no knowledge of the customs or the peoples rights in these foreign countries other then well read with some foreign travel.

It not America s world but it is America rights to lobby what its believes are and stand hold to them.

It is not the right of America to jam down the throat of others that America is right and they are wrong.

Especially when he says his support for Israel is staunch and that the only county in the middle east of democracy is Israel when in fact all the 22 countries in the Arab league are willing( now insulted ) to become democracies and have in some case tried.

Looking toward America bulling others and breeching their own citizens constitutional rights imposing sanctions against their own breathen with out due process of law .  Rubio Tax and spend some one must pay oh maybe the Cubans, Russians or Chinese since I demanded respect.

A disgrace to society and the human race. So why should the other countries follow Americas system that is OUT OF ORDER.

Obviously Rubio will blow up Iran because of its fundamental difference with the world views so why not blow them up .when in fact there are plenty of Iran beautiful people in  the America s and in Iran not to mention Iran Jews. So why doesn’t Netanyahu , obama and ayatollah meet in a open decision in front of un representative ,Arab league representative and representative of the super powers.

Just think Rubio wants to challenge china and Kumatai with put while in fact they are two against one at the same tome he wasn’t to sanction Cuba for the leadership in Castro regime which has some truth ,but yet why not help bridge the gap and help the Cuban people who have suffered long enough and work toward normalizing relations for the benefit of the people and socity as pope Francis is a supporter of.

Well Rubio not catholic  he calls him self Christian .

Well Rubio him self endorsed a false claims against me and my step son was taken from his mother because of MARCO RUBIO the family destroyer. Stated “senor magistrate Miami THE HONORABLE  judge Palermo macro is a liar” of course this is my personal issue done to me but could be you .

Its now clear as day he has no care about his own breathen on Cuba and his blood and wants them all to suffer because now he is fed with the political golden spoon while the Cuban people suffer.

Rubio wont humble himself to embrace the wounded brother of Fidel  when he is trying with dignity to return to normalization and return to the catholic church with out loosing his dignity and disgracing his family but yet he is willing to cross over .

Rubio is young blind and controlled by the us Miami  judicial political mafia .  Chads and  whole punching machines .

Rubio will have no power when it comes to Russia ,china and Cuba. Make more enemies we don’t have enough with Isis ,Hezbollah, Hamas and alqueda plus the zetas and the Metas.

“He is not a worrier with a breast plate of steel ready to or able to beat goliath.” its takes HUSPA

Hold the Cuban people hostage with out telecommunication until they do what I say.

He first major foreign affairs interview well no other then at the consul of foreign affairs.

The organization that has most do with our foreign policies and our position today with elitist and Zars.

The Koch’s and the Openhiemers , Rothschild’s and Rockefeller you know the FEDERAL RESERVE  as we know it . “He’s not John Kennedy”

Rubio will do any thing to become something because he was nothing and became something because he was supported by the  Cuban Miami people. ,but know he defies in Cuban people and lets them hang out to dry .

The same will happen with the American people if he was ever to be part of the presidency either president or vice he is a receipt for disaster for fiegn policy and financial devastation ,but we all know free trade will fix everything like the north American union was suppose to and Rubio knows best from the flowers flowing in from Columbia with the drug s inside the containers that support his promotion of the importation of flowers.

We need to tax the junk and demand better quality and defend the quality controls as I remember MADE IN AMERICA  quality controlled .owe I forgot the politicians wont rock the trade but yet let us Americas break our back with crooked feet and back aches were shoes that are made like flat slippers no arches .

Importing electronics and other products with plastic joints, vales ,bolts  and screws that fall out from automate tool box not to forget the fact that America is the biggest consumer and giver so why don’t we stay home and keep us on top. MADE IN AMERICA .

Protecting our labor workers and unions as well as our ability to compete after all its not all about price, ask the Italians and the French they say merci , Garcia when some one says oh your product is expensive .

America needs to say the same it quality not price that lasts.

In the long run is less expensive then the cheap junk coming across our boarders.

Remember the leaving inheritance to your children’s children.


Dr. Fr. Daniel Imperato km ssp gm+ob

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