Medallion Security Thoroughly Reviews Each Home to Maximize Security Possibilities

By: Medallion Security
Medallion Security Reviews All Posibilities
Medallion Security Reviews All Posibilities
April 1, 2015 - PRLog -- Surveying the shocking rise in criminal activity, and the need for security services brought together Medallion Security. Reviews have been made of the statistics of criminal activity in regards to home invasion, and property damage and the results are absolutely horrifying. In the year 2009 the United States had an estimated 2,199,125 burglaries alone. Sadly the numbers go further than just the amount of burglaries, as there is also property loss that reached nearly $4.6 billion dollars. Both of these results are bad enough, but what is even worse is that New York alone was involved with 62,842 of these burglaries that contributed to the United States’ statistics as a whole.
As Medallion Security made reviews of New York’s shocking numbers, we additionally noticed that neighboring states were also affected by alarming rates of criminal activity related to home invasion. In 2013 Maryland had 157,702 reports of property crime, and 31,899 reports of breaking, and entering; in 2012 Virginia had 176,985 reports of property crime, and 29,511 reports of breaking, and entering; and in 2012 Washington D.C. had 29, 314 reports of property crime, and 3,519 reports of breaking, and entering. Medallion Security now provides assistance with all five boroughs of New York consisting of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island along with Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. as these states also suffered severely from property damage, and burglary.
Medallion Security will only provide your home, and family with best quality product as we understand the importance of your family’s safety. Being a family owned and operated business we truly take the time to the put the extra effort, as we all understand on a personal level the concern you have for your loved one’s safety. At Medallion Security we specialize with the installation of secure doors, and windows in order to prevent the possible misfortune of a burglary. We also will replace any damaged entrances from prior home invasions, with new windows and doors that are certified to be of the highest quality product.
Compared to other security services, Medallion Security reviews have been proven to show higher success rates. The reason being is because of our custom installation process. Unlike other security services who order their products from other companies, Medallion Security takes the time to measure your home properly so that we may manufacture the best quality product appropriate to your home’s specific needs. The materials we use at Medallion Security truly surpass other security systems as they are only made with the most durable components. The bars we install for windows are solid, compared to others that are commonly hollow. If you request to replace your windows, our company will only install triple paned windows as they have proven to have the best results. As our triple pane windows will provide you with security they will also help soundproof your house, and retain comfortable temperatures.
Our family owned and operated business at Medallion Security wants to provide you with the safety and security your family deserves, so you no longer have to worry about living in a safe neighborhood.
-Lauren Schmid

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