Mumpreneurs: Automate your Marketing – Get Paid to Build your Profile

Can you truly fully automate your income stream? Credibility marketing expert Kylee Ellis says you can!
Automated Marketing: Monetise Your Sales Funnel
Automated Marketing: Monetise Your Sales Funnel
CENTRAL COAST, Australia - March 1, 2015 - PRLog -- “Some women think they have to give up the career their dreams or worse live off government benefits to stay home with their kids,” says Mrs Ellis.

“As a result whether it’s by choice or force you see more and more mum’s opening a business on the side of their full time parenting responsibilities,” she said.

“The problem this causes is twofold however; firstly the mum can’t be fully focused on the kids if she is constantly on her phone/laptop trying to produce income and secondly she also has trouble converting her leads to sales as her prospects have this hovering concern – how can she truly be focused on what she is doing for me with kids running round everywhere.”

“The result of this split focus is you end up with a stressed mother/businesswomen, under stimulated children and unsatisfied clients which only further perpetuates this very hard to escape, never ending spiral.”

“Single mums, sole breadwinners or even Dadpreneurs seem to be struggling from this more and more these days but my question for you is why?”

Mrs Ellis says it doesn’t have to be this way as in 3 simple steps you can create a trifold income producing marketing funnel:

1.       Visibility: get paid to market your business by publishing a book as the new and improved business card

2.       Credibility: get paid to market yourself by launching a membership program via an automated sales letters

3.       Scalability: get paid to build your database by releasing a magazine on Apple’s Newsstand

“Apply these three simple credibility building techniques and suddenly all your stresses will disappear,” Mrs Ellis said.

“If you monetise your sales funnel this way it will actually become your sales sieve in that instead of waiting for money to drip out the bottom one dollar at a time it will flow continuously through all the smaller little holes along the way,” she said.

“If you then automate the sales, marketing and fulfilment phases for each of these credibility marketing techniques then you can literally get paid to market your business, build your profile and grow your database without utilising any of your time.”

“This way you can focus on the more important things in life knowing your income producing isn’t dependant on exchanging your time for money and that your clients are being cared for via a series of personalise auto-responders 24/7 in a way you (1 single person) never could.”

“Happy kids as they have their mum around whenever they need, happy clients as they have their needs met round the clock and most importantly happy you as you no longer need to split your focus while you get paid for the privilege of working less.”

Kylee previously known as ‘The Publishing Queen’, now as a mother of two turns her focus to sharing her marketing expertise with those in the small business sector as publishing a book is only one part of a much bigger marketing picture.

She now shares new and constantly changing cutting edge marketing techniques with those wanting to move from a physical business (or a 9 to 5 job) to a virtual one so they too can experience the joys of a fully automated business.

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