Invision Studio Finally Unveils Its New Logo

High dynamic resolution 360 virtual tour and architectural photography firm reveals a brand new logo to the marketplace.
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Color Wheel Logo
Color Wheel Logo
SEATTLE - Feb. 13, 2015 - PRLog -- One of the Nation’s leading 360 Degree Virtual Tour and Architectural Photography firms has undergone some major changes over the last few months. Directly following the release of its new website, Invision Studio (formerly 360 Virtual Visions) is unveiling their brand new logo.

After nearly six months of back and forth, a new logo was finally decided on. The company debated on logo styles, colors, ratios, and values that they wanted to communicate. Several times they would bring a design to completion before their CEO would decide he hated it and they would start over from scratch.

“You wouldn’t think so, but it was quite a tall order to choose our logo. In fact, it was by far the most difficult decision in our rebranding process. The problem is that with our recent growth and future expansion plans, we really needed to make sure that our logo didn’t make us one-dimensional. We needed something broad, but something that spoke to who we are, what we do, and whom we work with. With simplicity as our main goal, trying to communicate all of that was nearly impossible” - Jason Sievert, Invision Studio’s CEO

They had a great idea of who their target audience was and the values they wanted to communicate through the logo; it was just a matter of how to execute it with such a small palette to work with.

They toggled between a design full of color and one that stuck with their current, monochromatic idea. They even soft released a design that represented a color wheel before realizing that the vibrancy and color complexity combated with the photographs and designs in their website, social, and other media outlets. In the end, they came back to their roots and kept the flat blue that they’ve been known for.

“The color wheel idea made so much sense, we offer many different types of media/photography marketing that all intertwine with each other and the overlapping circles and blended colors represented that so well. But after seeing it on our website and social media platforms, I realized how “not us” it actually was. We are simple, sexy, and professional. Not playful, loud and colorful. So back to the drawing board we went” - Jason Sievert

Invision Studio knew that the clientele that they work with are high end business professionals, so they had to create something that spoke to them, while keeping their identity as a modern, cutting edge technology company.

After the color wheel failed, they knew that by going back to a monochromatic design would mean that custom shapes would be too hard to recognize and most likely wouldn’t be memorable. So they needed start with something that people recognized from the outside world; then make it their own.

“We debated on a lot of ideas that had to do with photography, architecture, and media. We tried camera logos, shutter logos, building logos, house logos and everything in between; nothing was working. They were all so cheesy and overplayed. It finally came to me one day when I went to jot some notes in Evernote, (they use an elephant as their logo) let’s try an animal! We needed an animal that is simple and represents beauty yet has an edge to it. But what?”

Almost instantly, the team gravitated towards an Owl to represent the company. With its reputation for having great vision as well being known to represent beauty, wisdom and insight; the owl seemed an obvious choice. To top it off, Owls rotate their head 360 degrees in a strikingly similar fashion to the 360 rotators used to produce the Virtual Tours that Invision Studio is known for. The next step was to create a unique and identifiable Owl design.

One of their main goals was to ensure that it could be turned into a watermark that they could brand their photos and tours with, so it had to have very few moving parts. They needed something that would burn into the memories of the viewers so that after a while, the owl would be associated with not only Invision Studio, but also high-end architectural photography and virtual tours.

“We launched a design contest under the guidelines that would represent everything we wanted to display and express. The overwhelming amount of submissions made it impossible to choose a design in the small window of time we had. Every design was close but missed on some level. So we decided to use it as inspiration and put the design creation into our own hands. Thus the Invision Studio Owl Logo was born.”

After a few renditions, they were able to create something that identified with themselves and their market. Something sleek, edgy, and professional; Simple enough to use as a watermark but unique enough to be identifiable as their own. It was something that that represented them in so many ways yet remained subtle enough to keep them from cornering themselves to one product or industry. They finally created a logo that represented Invision Studio, and they loved it.

In the small market of 360 virtual tours and architectural photography, this logo soars about the rest in its originality and meaning. Keep an eye out for some new products and services that Invision Studio will be offering in 2015.

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For more details on Invision Studio’s corporate name change and the company’s ultra-high definition services, visit:

About Invision Studio

Invision Studio is a premier provider of ultra-high resolution 360 virtual tours and architectural photography. The company is known for its walkthrough style - full screen - high dynamic resolution virtual tours.  Invision Studio centralizes its headquarters in Seattle, Washington. For more information, please visit:


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