Invision Studio, A 360 Virtual Tour Provider Unveils A Brand New Website

One of the Nation’s leading 360 Degree Virtual Tour and Architectural Photography firms - Invision Studio; has undergone some major changes, un-veiling a brand new website
Home Page Screen Shot
Home Page Screen Shot
SEATTLE - Jan. 7, 2015 - PRLog -- One of the Nation’s leading 360 Degree Virtual Tour and Architectural Photography firms - Invision Studio; has undergone some major changes over the last few months. On the heals of its brand name change announcement, Invision Studio (formerly 360 Virtual Visions) is unveiling their brand new website.

Along with a completely re-designed interface, it will be introducing a whole new user experience, with features such as a “build your own quote” section, live yelp review feeds, return on investment calculators, and much more.

Even more than the addition of the new features, Invision Studio stripped everything that wasn’t necessary out of the website to clean it up and help the viewer to move through the site quickly and easily.

“In today’s day and age, people are busy even when they’re not. They want to move through a site quickly, get the info they need, and move on. The new website is everything you need and nothing you don’t. We’ve designed the site to allow the user to get all the information they need in less than five minutes and make an informed decision. Our world-class product will be what makes us everybody’s choice.” - Jason Sievert, CEO of Invision Studio

The website goes away from the standard “home page” and instead lands on a new gallery page, labeled “See.” In one click, the viewer can see a full screen sample of their industry specific tour and navigate through it as they like.

The next page, labeled “Discover”, provides three simple, necessary sections to show the client what they need:
        a) Insightful stats on the value of 360 Virtual Tours.
        b) A brief overview which highlights some key qualities that make Invision          Studio the industry leader.
        c) Samples of their high-resolution architectural photography.

Their following page, labeled “Explore”, follows the same structure. It provides three simple, necessary sections to inform the client on what they want:
         a) A ‘how it works’ section with a simple graphic and 2 minute video.
         b) A clientele section with live yelp reviews, and list of clientele logos. (You can click each client logo to see the tour that was created for them.)
         c) A Frequently Asked Questions section.

The pride and joy of the new website is the new instant pricing quote builder. In three clicks, the user can get a surprisingly accurate quote. They can also send that quote instantly and receive a 10% discount on their tour.

“The issue of publishing pricing has always been a problem in our industry. Since every project varies greatly, it’s almost impossible to nail down set pricing packages. Also, publishing individual rates would be confusing for the client and make them have to do the work and calculations themselves. So we created an algorithm that automatically calculates the quote based on their needs. It takes about 10 seconds and is shockingly accurate. I love it and so will our clients.”

The website was officially launched last month, however they have been making minor modifications and updates to the overall layout and individual sections. Everything is scheduled to be complete by the end of January.

The main additions still waiting to go live are the Yelp review section and frequently updated blog. Sources say the new branding/logo at the top is said to be unveiled early next week and introduced to the website, social media, and marketing material at that time.

In the small market of 360 virtual tours and architectural photography, this looks to be one of the most well thought out and intuitive websites in its field. Keep an eye out for some brand/logo updates as well as the announcement of the new services that Invision Studio will be offering in 2015.

For More Information

For more details on Invision Studio’s corporate name change and the company’s ultra-high definition services, visit:

About Invision Studio

Invision Studio is a premier provider of ultra-high resolution 360 virtual tours and architectural photography. The company is known for its walkthrough style - full screen - high dynamic resolution virtual tours.  Invision Studio centralizes its headquarters in Seattle, Washington.


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