Bay Event Marketing Dives Into New Team Building Efforts

De Pere, WI– Bay Event Marketing starts a new series of team activities to encourage unity and cooperation among its associates.
DE PERE, Wis. - Nov. 18, 2014 - PRLog -- The Bay Event Marketing leadership has discovered new research that shows the importance of team building in the workplace. The ideas introduced a fresh perspective on strengthening connections in the workplace and now the firm’s associates will enjoy more opportunities to bond and help one another achieve their goals.

Bay Event Marketing Touts the Benefits of Team Building and Implements New Activities

The best way to ensure success for the company is to support an engaged workplace where all people feel connected to the brand, goals, and their colleagues. Elise, director of operations for Bay Event Marketing, explains, "Seventy percent of U.S. workers are not engaged at their jobs. They are not committed or linked to the company or their colleagues. In our line of business, this can spell disaster because we require team work for the best results."

Research shows team building can be essential to a workplace. Elise believes that while everyone has their gifts, it is also important to unite under common goals: "Our team development efforts encourage interdependence so everyone collaborates and achieves universal high standards. This unified approach leads to more success and efficiency."

Elise notes that many of these measures can be applied in the workplace while completing projects, However, leaving the office for social activities or business travel often produces the best team building results: "Encouraging a team mindset is great. People improve their communication skills, solve problems better due to multiple view points, and feel more motivated and engaged because they are bonded to one another. All of this increases productivity in the office. However, to really get an edge in building teams, you need to leave the office and introduce new situations. This encourages people to rely on each other and learn to think more creatively."

To that end, Elise continued, the firm has started bowling nights, team dinners, and travel to national conferences. “We are considering activities to help people spend time together outside the office and get to know one another.”

There are some business objectives in these events, but the activities are often primarily social. The results are great—the team experiences more collaboration, develops trust, and faces less conflict. Simply understanding each other’s personalities better really improves efficiency and happiness!

"All these efforts encourage a supportive work environment," said Elise. "We want to build a company that supports personal and professional development. With our teams becoming more close-knit we have no doubt that every individual will continue to thrive and feel engaged with our firm."

About Bay Event Marketing

Bay Event Marketing is a leading provider of interactive promotions that deliver consistent, measurable results for clients large and small. The firm focuses on customized campaigns suited ideally to individual markets, each of which is delivered by a team of marketing experts. These individuals are encouraged to build on their professional skills, giving motivated individuals a path toward a career filled with limitless opportunity. What’s more, the firm promotes based on merit, not seniority, with self-achievement encouraging advancement for their team members who continue driving success for a diverse portfolio of clients. It is because of this team that Bay Event Marketing stands apart as an industry leader.

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