Paradox Lost: The True Geometries Of Time Travel - The Public Edition, Finally Released

The Marshall Barnes book based on the 1st ever special report to select members of the U.S. Congress on time travel, is now live for sale online at and is poised to overthrow the establishment view of time travel with a vengeance.
Cover of Paradox Lost : The True Geometries of Time Travel The Public Edition
Cover of Paradox Lost : The True Geometries of Time Travel The Public Edition
YELLOW SPRINGS, Ohio - Oct. 18, 2014 - PRLog -- The long awaited book on time travel by R&D Engineer, Marshall Barnes, is now  available online at Paradox Lost: The True Geometries of Time Travel - The Public Edition, is billed as an authoritative book on the topic whose purpose is to set all the misinterpretations and errors in time travel literature, from both physics and popular culture, straight. The origin of the book is the first ever special report to select members of the U.S. Congress, which was written because Marshall knew time travel would become possible soon, as he and Ronald Mallett, from the University of Connecticut, were already locked in a race to see who would build the first time machine. In fact, by the time the report neared completion, Marshall had won with his device, the Verdrehung Fan™, that opens micro wormholes allowing transmission of RF and IR signals, out of our space-time continuum.

One of the things the book explains is why so many misconceptions exist about time travel and documents research proving physicists rely on hidden assumptions which lead to errors when it comes to this subject. It points out many of the ideas about time travel are not based in physics but in plot devices and twists from science fiction literature having nothing at all to do with the nature of reality. Physicists, taking them on face value, is a massive mistake proven with a simple formula Marshall created that destroys any paradox scenario that is run through it.

Marshall slices through the work of luminaries like Stephen Hawking and Kip Thorne with surgical skill, explaining why they're wrong, step by step. At the end of the book, he's less academic, displaying a list of eleven famous scientists, such as Ed Farhi, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Brian Greene, among others, who have made statements he is clearly dismissive of, and, the reader can understand why - they're all things he has explained in detail as wrong and why, with earlier examples. It bolsters his contention to Congress that the experts have it wrong; there are none who can competently address the issues surrounding time travel accurately in order for lawmakers to understand what the situation truly is.

But Marshall saves his most severe criticism for Ronald Mallett. In a chapter outside of the formal report, he claims Mallett is a media darling without merit, where Mallett goes wrong and contradicts himself in interviews which the media don't catch. A major point of contention is Mallett's call for government regulation of time travel, especially since Marshall proves there are no possibilities of creating paradoxes and changing the past.

"Mallett has become a time travel fear monger," Marshall said recently, noting  he appears in a Giam TV video with host George Noory, called The Dangers of Time Travel (see ), "and he does it while contradicting his own statements on how the Everett/Wheeler hypothesis prevents paradoxes and someone changing the past. If he said he didn't believe in the parallel universe theory, that would be one thing, but he doesn't and so proves he's no time travel scientist or expert. The excuse he gives at times, that we won't know until we try it, still doesn't wash because he is then so emphatic about this idea of government regulation and time cops. Between his being promoted as having the first time machine when he doesn't have anything to demonstrate besides a laser model, and contradicting himself over basic, but inherently important theories, Ronald Mallett is proving himself to be more like a nutty professor".

Marshall barely hides disdain for the media he accuses of promoting Mallett as an expert when clearly they aren't competent enough to see he makes mistakes a 4th grader would catch. He is particularly strident in his criticism for blogger Rick Stelnick of Decoded Science, who published an article where on one hand, Mallett says that paradoxes won't happen because time travel to the past involves parallel universes and then, he states, "Once time travel occurs, if someone has altered the past, then everything that we think as being our reality could be an altered reality. So it has to be regulated to make sure we don’t do the wrong thing with it", which is a complete contradiction of the prior statement. Aside from using that as an example that Mallett may be a PhD in theoretical physics but he's no time travel expert, Marshall nails Stelnick for not noticing the contradiction when Stelnick wrote the article but then chided commenters on the blog about criticizing Mallett, saying, "I caution readers and researchers alike to be careful when casting stones at Doc Mallet. First and foremost, when discussing and/or debating someone’s life work, one must be firm but also fair because only if and when Ron Mallet finally builds his time machine then will it be possible to judge his story as a success". Marshall points out Stelnick's response came when a commenter brought up one of Marshall's press releases which Stelnick never bothered to investigate, opting instead to blindly support Mallett. Marshall also points out Stelnick has no physics background and is in no position to say who can and can't criticize Mallett, especially when Stelnick didn't catch Mallett's blatant contradiction of himself.

But it's not all critical analysis. Marshall solves many major questions left untouched by physicists, like how is it possible to travel to a past parallel universe when you weren't there before, which in and of itself is a paradox. He also tackles famed mathematician Kurt Godel's question on how can a past still exist. In the end, without overturning any of the laws of physics, and citing well established sources, Marshall describes how time travel anywhere in the past is possible and experimental evidence for parallel universes already exists that physicists haven't recognized though it's been known for decades in the literature of quantum mechanics. In particular, Marshall reveals a solution from Euclidean geometry decribing the next level of reality above 3D space, that the ancient Greeks could have come up with, but no one did until he discovered it. It's things like that which indicate Marshall is operating on a level far beyond Stephen Hawking.

The biggest difference between this and other time travel books is instead of exploring the mysteries of time travel, Marshall seeks to solve them and with good reason - the age of time travel is soon upon us and so it is imperative that good, solid and accurate information be made ready for the public. He proves beyond a doubt he is the man to do it because in this book (see, he does do it.

Marshall is beginning to do speaking engagements to promote the book as well as his upcoming movie, The Dawning of the Age of Time Machines, and the first promotional trailer has been released.

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