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Award-Winning Visual Answers Behavioural Optometrists in Loughborough provide colorimetry and coloured overlay testing, precision tinted lenses and eye tracking for help with Irlen Syndrome associated with Visual Dyslexia offer DSA inofrmation.
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LEICESTER, U.K. - Sept. 22, 2014 - PRLog -- The Disabled Students' Allowance (DSA) is a government grant available to students in higher education in the UK, who are obliged to incur additional study-related costs because of a disability. Provision of Precision Tinted Lenses for Visual Stress (also known as Meares-Irlen or Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome) is included within these costs.

The funds to address these disabilities are available to eligible students through the Disabled Students' Allowance Service. The award is applicable to students in higher education in universities and equivalent colleges (including the Open University) some The DSA award service operates entirely independently of the student’s college or university.

To qualify, a student must suffer from:

a recognised disability or long-term health condition
a mental health condition
a specific learning difficulty such as dyslexia or dyspraxia

Additionally, they must:

be an undergraduate or postgraduate student (including at the Open University or via distance learning)
have a condition that affects their ability to study
qualify for student finance through Student Finance England
be studying on a course that lasts at least one year

if they fit the above criteria, the student will be provided with an award letter by a DSA assessment centre, and a list of centres is available at www.dsa-qag.org.uk,.  If any student independently seeks the advice from a  behavioural optometrist or colorimeter practitioner of a member of the Society of coloured lens prescribers as to their eligibility for funding, they should be referred, in the first instance, to their DSA local office or to https://www.gov.uk/disabled-students-allowances-dsas

Colorimetry evaluation, fees and payment.

The DSA advises that the awards can be used to make a reasonable contribution towards the cost of:

Evaluation of the appropriate coloured overlays/lens
Provision of coloured overlays
Precision tinting of prescription lenses
The full cost of non-prescription lens and tinting
A contribution towards the cost of frames

The maximum amounts currently awarded against each part of the assessment are set out in the box below:

Evalution/Colorimetry £75.00

Coloured Overlays £20.00

Lens Tinting (inc cost of non-prescription lens) £150.00

Contribution towards frames £30.00

Total maximum contribution £275.00

Visual Answers Optometrists Loughborough have worked closely with several university departments, assessors and educational psychologists regarding Visual Stress for over 10 years. We understand the definitions and the diagnostic process and evaluation/treatment procedures for students from the outset and will clearly indicate the separate stages to the DSA Office for invoicing and reclaiming purposes – thereby facilitating quick and optimal repayment for students and their student claims.

The DSA will not normally provide funds for a basic eye examination as these can be claimed under either NHS provision (available for all FT students under 19) or be privately funded by the student. FT students under 19 may also be able to use their NHS voucher to also contribute towards to cost of precision-tinted glasses reducing costs still further.

Visual Answers are Independent Behavioural Optometrists who specialise in Visual Dyslexia and Visual Stress. They always advise their clients on the most cost effective way to acquire precision-tinted glasses for visual stress and visual dyslexia as well as lenses for migraine sufferers too.

New Lenses That Can Help With Visual Dyslexia

Visual Answers also now also offer the latest specialised non-coloured, technologically advanced, ophthalmic lens solutions that have been found to reduce Visual Dyslexia, Migraine, Photo-Sensitive Epilespy, Headaches and Eye Strain related to hyper-senstivity to harmful blue-light emited from digital devices such as computers, laptops, plasma screen and smart phones by rediucing pattern glare in the visual cotex. They reduce movement of words, improve contract and reading and visual processing speeds

Visual Answers work with a number of other professionals, including GP's, educational psychologists, specialist teachers, SENCo's,orthoptists, occupational and speech and language therapists. They also have close relationships with the Disability Advisors at many colleges and universities, and can produce comprehensive reports and write referrals where necessary.

For more information please call Visual Answers Optometrists Loughborough (01509) 414151 for more information or to book your appointment.

Visual Answers Optometrists (Loughborough) are Behavioural Optometrists & Visual Processing Specialists. They are authorised Cerium Lens Specialists & Members of the Society of Coloured Lens Prescribers. See links for more information:




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