Hypno Band Weight Loss System By London's Leading Female Hypnotherapist

As seen on CBS News and Channel 4's Embarrassing Bodies, Hypno-Band is the original virtual gastric band system, now available in Harley Street by London's top Clinical Hypnotherapist, Malminder Gill (www.hypnosis-in-london.com)
By: Hypnotherapy London Malminder Gill
Aug. 24, 2014 - PRLog -- Have you tried every diet, brought every work out machine, read every book, drank every shake, taken fat loss pills, tried fat laser treatment, and still find yourself unhappy with your weight?

Or maybe you eat healthy for a few days, feel really good about yourself then splurge on fatty foods as a treat which leads to guilt that cycles back round to eating healthy for a few days.

“The reason why so many diets do not work is quite simply because they target the practicalities and not the emotions”. Says Malminder Gill, Harley Street Clinical Hypnotherapist

As humans, we think, we feel and this thinking and feeling leads us to take action. If this action means that you eat when you are bored, sad, angry, over worked or even happy then you might have already figured out the link between your emotions and eating habits. Great! Now what? Can willpower alone help you here? Maybe.

But what if you could eat less and less frequently, naturally? What if you could reduce your cravings and withdrawal symptoms for all of the foods you love (that you know are not good for you). Is it possible? Malminder says it is through the Hypno Band Weight Loss Method that she conducts at her Harley Street Practice.  So how does it work?

In just four sessions Malminder’s clients go through a ‘hypnotic’ gastric band surgery. She uses a variety of hypnotic and CBT interventions to address and tackle the emotions and eating habits before conducting the ‘virtual’ gastric band surgery – all under hypnosis. “Clients walk away feeling and acting like they’ve had the surgery, and at a sub-conscious level they have and this is extremely powerful.” Says Malminder

Hypno Band is the original ‘virtual’ gastric band method now used in over 39 countries around the world and has been featured in numerous media outlets including CBS, Channel 4 and the Daily Mail.

To find out more about Hypno Band, the process and if it could work for you, contact Malminder on 0208 123 08 08 or go to http://www.hypnosis-in-london.com

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