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Clinical Trial and Research Study Recruitment Mobile App
Clinical Trial and Research Study Recruitment Mobile App
DIXHILL, N.Y. - Aug. 12, 2014 - PRLog -- Searching for clinical trials has never been easier with Study Scavenger the latest app that bridges the gap between clinical trial researchers and would-be participants. The strength of the Study Scavenger mobile app lies in a large database of clinical trials all over the country, allowing potential volunteers to choose from a wider range of trials based on their specific needs. With mobile app use peaking at a growth rate of 251% worldwide, Study Scavenger made the wise move to partner with CenterWatch (a leader in the business of clinical research information and publisher of clinical trial listings) to provide users with up to the minute, location-specific clinical trial announcements at all times. CenterWatch’s networking arm of pharmaceutical companies on one hand and its partnership with Study Scavenger on the other ensures that patient recruitment advertising costs are directed towards better results.

The Study Scavenger app interface also offers advanced search options to trim down results based on user concerns such as travel, compensation and other likely benefits and age- or condition-specific matters. Search results present pertinent information about the study for your quick assessment, as well as a link to the research institute’s website for more details about the study and contact information. If you’re not in the habit of purposefully browsing for clinical trials on a regular basis, the Study Scavenger app also has a special alert function that lets you know when a clinical study based on your condition and specific concerns is looking for volunteers. In addition, this is currently the only FREE bilingual app focused on bringing information about clinical trials straight to your mobile device, whether in English or Spanish.

On the side of clinical trials, Study Scavenger is their vehicle for launching announcements about their research to the public – a market reach far greater and more effective than conventional means of promoting their clinical trials. For a minimal fee, research institutes and pharmaceutical companies now have a better way of reaching out to their targeted potential volunteers and are privy to information related to their postings (ex. Evaluation of return of interest on posting thanks to monthly metrics, a minimum number of views each month promised with surety, otherwise the following month’s research listing will be free of charge, etc.)

Since its inception two years ago, Study Scavenger has indirectly improved so many research studies for drug companies worldwide, making it faster for them to bring better and more effective products in the market. With the desire to be the premiere worldwide app on clinical research trials, Study Scavenger is now being translated into more languages – Japanese, Chinese and Russian – to gain a far bigger and stronger reach to would-be volunteers, pharmaceutical companies and research institutes in every corner of the world.

For those interested in downloading Study Scavenger, the app is available on both the App Store (for iOS device users) as well as the Google Play Store (for Android device users). The app is free of charge and takes up a negligible amount of space on your iOS or Android device

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