What To Do If You're Site Is On Magento Go Or Prostores - 2 Of The Largest Ecommerce Platforms Shut Down!

There are some major changes anticipated for many ecommerce businesses in the early part of next year. As of the first of February 2015, many small to mid-sized online retailers will need to make a major transition of ecommerce platforms from Magento Go and ProStores to a new platform. If your store is affected by these changes, find out what you can do to make the transition as painless as possible.
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MEDFORD, Ore. - July 24, 2014 - PRLog -- February 2015 may seem like plenty of time, but store owners currently on Magento Go or ProStores are going to want to act quickly to prevent any disruption in business.  Pixel Productions Inc.  is a 5 Star BigCommerce development agency standing by to answer questions and provide a seamless migration to the BigCommerce platform.

Contact Pixel at 541-773-3351

Steps to a Successful Transition

Even though the transition does not entail the movement of physical merchandise, it will still require much attention to detail to ensure a smooth experience for everyone concerned. Some may think that the movement of data from one location to another is simply a matter of cutting and pasting the information into the new platform. The actual migration of data can be relatively painless, however moving an entire store to a new platform can be a major upheaval for both store owners and customers.

To minimize the impact on store owners, BigCommerce has been selected as the migration partner for both ProStores and Magento Go. This means any site owner affected by this change will be eligible for a free site migration to the BigCommerce platform. Site owners should be aware that the migration is free for data migration only and your existing website design or any customizations will need to be handled by a BigCommerce design partner such as Pixel Productions. This entails giving special attention to other aspects of your new site like research, site design, customer shopping experience, development, deployment, security, and other issues that may not be readily noticed.

Research & Site Evaluation

This is an opportune time for you to think about everything needed to launch your new site as well as any improvements that should be made. It is the perfect time for you to thoroughly evaluate your current business strategies in this area and determine if certain changes can help to improve your overall sales performance. You could take this time to look closely at other similar sites and see what methods might be used to enhance your own. Use this time to consider more than the obvious; perhaps it's time to restructure your catalog, or shipment methods. The migration may be the ideal time to add on some new features that you have not yet implemented into your system. What you learn during this discovery phase can serve as the groundwork for your new ecommerce store.

For a free consultation to find out if an existing website can keep it's design intact or if customization will be required call 541-773-3351 .


It is also the perfect time to tweak your design elements of your new site. You want to make sure that the new design for your store will accurately match the needs of your customers. Most Ecommerce store owners have become very aware of the rising importance of building a brand. Brand mentions are quickly becoming the new "link building" for growing online presence.

Data Migration

Even though your new move will be merely moving data from one site to another, it is not a step that you should take lightly. You will in fact have to navigate between the existing system and the new one; this will include importing products, customer information, as well as orders.

Moving products: Pixel Productions Inc. is a premium design partner for the BigCommerce platform and can set up your free migration as well as create a seamless transition to this new platform inclusive of training. To qualify for the free store migration you will need to provide your existing store id and the email address you registered with.


Once all of the information has been successfully migrated Pixel will test the new site across all browsers and mobile devices for compatibility. Pixel Productions has aided in dozens of migrations from each of these platforms and can ensure thorough 301 redirects so that there is no loss in page rank.

Pixel Productions Inc. is ready to assist with any questions store owners may have about the upcoming migration from ProStores and Magento Go.

Contact Pixel: www.PixelProductionsInc.com


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