Create Your Own Natural Perfume Workshop for Your Corporate Event

Luxury Couture Perfumer JoAnne Bassett brings her all-natural fragrances and exquisite fragrance-making talents to luxury hotels and corporate events in Southern California.
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JoAnne Bassett teaching at a Ketel One event 2013
JoAnne Bassett teaching at a Ketel One event 2013
NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. - June 20, 2014 - PRLog -- Fragrances and perfumes have eternally been unique to both women and men. A great many perfumers like JoAnne Bassett have launched their own personal perfume lines. Many celebrities have their very own signature scent designed by her. JoAnne Bassett is a luxury natural perfumer and aromatherapist who is truly a founder in natural perfumery. She opened the doors of this genre for the entire world to discover and smell. Her couture collections are amazing, as are her own bespoke botanical fragrances. She has been creating Custom Bespoke Couture Perfumes since 1993.

Her purpose is to uplift humanity's consciousness through botanical fragrances. She creates natural perfume from natural and ecological essences. Fragrant roses, gardenias, and other flowers and botanicals grown organically in her own garden are used in her creations. Her all natural essences are in a base of organic grape alcohol from wine grapes or organic jojoba oil. One of the reasons she took the step from aromatherapy to perfumery is to be able to create natural perfumes for people who could not wear department store fragrances with the synthetic fragrance oils created in a laboratory.

JoAnne Bassett has been designing artisan fragrances for 21 years. Perfumes like Ecstasy, Intimacy, Italian Smoke, Serendipity, Opulence, Rose Kiss, Luscious Roses, Vert, Esoterica and many more make extraordinary presents for bridal parties, birthday parties, and even private parties. She loves teaching and sharing her passion for natural perfumes to men and women who are looking to reflect their individuality and personality by creating their own uniquely personal scents! JoAnne Bassett is available for birthday parties, bridal parties, private parties, fundraisers, corporate events, member appreciation events, etc. Women and men enjoy the experience of designing their own fragrances at her “Create Your Own Perfume” Workshop for events. She teaches weekly and monthly workshops at 5 star resorts. She takes clients on aromatic perfume journeys and Fragrant Flights which are like wine tastings. If you would like JoAnne to offer perfume workshops for your venue please contact her.

Create your own Perfume” Workshop can be a memorable group activity and an ideal way for individuals, private party organizers or event planners to offer a special one - of - a - kind event through fragrance workshops. In the corporate workshop, participants may be split into small teams to make a fragrance, formulate a marketing strategy and present their launch ideas by the end of the session. The workshop is designed to be exciting and interactive, while covering as many business skills as possible. The workshop is also a unique way to entertain business guests year round.

The price of her “Create Your Own Perfume” workshop where the participants receive a natural perfume in a 5 ml glass perfume bottle with organza bag is $125.00. Other pricing choices are available. For more information, visit the event page or call 760-309-2571 to inquire for pricing and availability.

Why Natural Perfumes?

In the 90s when JoAnne Bassett was creating private label natural product lines for spas, she started formulating natural perfumes for spa owners. She realized that she was most attracted and impassioned by these adventures into this land of scents to support and uplift.

“The smells sent my nose, brain, body and spirit soaring free,” says JoAnne. It was during this time JoAnne learned how all-natural fragrances can be used as a sweet-smelling tool to reach people by tapping into Nature’s power to energize, enlighten and empower.

Later, JoAnne studied the ancient French art of handcrafted parfumerie. Using the finest essential oils, absolute essences and botanicals, she trained herself to blend together fine works of “fragrance art.”

When available, JoAnne scavenges for wild and organic essences from all over the world. She never uses phthalates, synthetic aroma chemicals, nature identicals, isolates, artificial dyes, parabens, or petroleum products. Her products are never tested on animals and her lines are cruelty free. JoAnne uses organic jojoba oil in her parfums and organic grape alcohol from wine grapes for the eau de toilettes, and eau de parfums.

JoAnne Bassett crafts her natural parfums in Orange County, California's quiet, abundant coast. She is passionate about her company using green products and sustainable materials, so she supports local farmers and distillers. JoAnne also uses refillable bottles and her sturdy, quality perfume boxes can also be reused and even kept as sacred heirlooms.

Artisan Packaging

JoAnne believes packaging makes a difference when it comes to ordering perfumes online, so she takes care with each and every package. Imagine you, your wife, your girlfriend, your mother or your lover opening a gold foil box shaped like a book with beautiful roses and butterflies floating atop?

Inside, this gorgeous “book box” is lined with a plush creamy white silk pillow. Her gold-foiled book-like boxes are filled with creamy white silk cushions and the bottles are enveloped in a creamy white silk bag. These gorgeously-decorated presents can also include a handwritten card edged in gold foil.

About The Company:

JoAnne Bassett is a Luxury Couture Perfumer and Royal Alchemist, Natural Perfumer, Artisan and Niche perfumer, Teacher and Author. Her award-winning unique and authentic perfumes are fine works of art. Her botanical perfumes reawaken the soul.

For more information, including professional reviews of her perfumes, visit JoAnne Bassett’s press page:

Contact Details:

JoAnne Bassett
Luxury Couture Perfumer
P O Box 10352
Newport Beach, CA 92658

Tel: 760-309-2571



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