WaterfallNow - Resort Style Rock Waterfalls Seeking Expansion in the Lower Mainland, BC, Canada

New custom-built houses are going up everywhere. WaterfallNow specializes in creating custom waterfalls for custom homes. Whether indoor or outdoor WaterfallNow has the ability to provide you with a property value increasing waterfalls you can enjoy.
Water Features Surrey
Water Features Surrey
SURREY, British Columbia - June 12, 2014 - PRLog -- WaterfallNow exists due to the culmination of many decades of landscaping throughout the Lower Mainland, BC, Canada. The combined experience of the designers brought together a team of custom rock water features artisans. Find WaterfallNow on the web if you would like to contact one of our designers directly. Any new business in a city that we have not made any projects in becomes your stomping ground. Any new business generated in that area as a result of your project and referrals will see you a nice commission check effectively discounting your own waterfall. See it and believe it.

As many of our clients already know, WaterfallNow specializes in creating custom hand-crafted rock waterfalls. The lack of a versatile, lightweight, and completely customizeable option was lacking in BC. WaterfallNow seized the opportunity to spearhead a concept unique to BC and popularize it.

There are a plethora of advantages to using our lightweight rocks. The outer layer is comprised of natural and synthetic materials. The inner kevlar membrane comprised of fiberglass is surprisingly durable and lasts for many decades. The shell as a whole maintains its form year after year.

The first advantage is the ability of the rocks to withstand cracking from freeze-thaw action which for concrete applications could mean thousands of dollars in repairs. It is often said that the best time to take photos of a concrete water feature is within the first month. After that the feature begins to deteriorate.

Another advantage is the lightweight versatility of our rocks. The ability to move a waterfall from one spot to another if desired is huge. Sometimes people want to do something new with their yard and the last thing they want is to have a massive stack of concrete that requires a jackhammer to remove.

WaterfallNow's rocks typically cost 20-40% less than most concrete applications. While concrete rocks look better in some instances, it lacks the flexibility. Waterfallnow's rock faces mimic the features found on real rocks capturing the indents, crevaces and intricate details. The same is difficult to replicate using concrete which is often stamped or manually carved. Concrete rocks that are carved (not to discredit companies that employ the method as we have done it ourselves) are unfortunately prone to freeze-thaw, natural wear and cracking over-time.

Natural stones are indeed beautiful but often take up much space to design. Maintaining them can be a hassle as you have to remove hundreds of rocks, clean out the liners, and replace them. Natural rock water features tend to get the dirtiest quickest of all water features. A lack of maintenance means that you will have to deal with green pea soup for however long it takes until you clean the pond. The sooner it gets cleaned the better as they often experience a compounded 'greening' effect caused by the algea and other bacteria.

WaterfallNow uses pondless waterfall designs to minimize maintenance requirements. On average each waterfall that we create requires maintenance only 2-3 times per year and this is easy enough to be done on your own.

WaterfallNow's waterfalls need not be run nonstop as would a cascading waterfall made using natural stone. The issue with not constantly running a waterfall made with natural rocks is that they will turn green very fast. WaterfallNow's self-contained water reservoir contains only enough water to run the water feature. Cleaning it is as easy as pumping out the water, giving it a brush, flooding the dirty water out, and adding fresh water.

WaterfallNow's rocks are all custom hand-made. Using a variety of rock panels that are cut, bent, and shaped in different ways, the rock artisans are capable of creating the design that you desire most. Whether you want changing colour LED lighting, purples, greens, blues, or a white floodlight which looks remarkable during the wintertime with icicles hanging down, WaterfallNow does it all.

WaterfallNow has just launched a line of smaller indoor/outdoor water fountains. These will be created and displayed on our website. Those interested will be able to place an order for them. Take advantage of any free shipping, estimates, or installation offers that come around.

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