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VALENCIA, Spain - June 12, 2014 - PRLog -- OpenXava is an AJAX Java Framework for Rapid Development ofEnterprise Web Applications.

In OpenXava you only have to write the domain classes in plain Java to get a web application ready for production.

This 5.0 release has a new look & feel, includes module navigation, user login/logout (so you do not need Liferay anymore), inline editable collections (just like a spreadsheet), a new editor to attach files to your entity, and many many more things.

We invite you to download ( it and upgrade your OpenXava applications:

New features:
- New look and feel.
- Login/​logout functionality.
- Module navigation: Left searchable menu with all modules and top menu with recently used modules.
- Collections editable at cell mode, like a spreadsheet, available for @ElementCollection.
- All collection elements and the container entity are persisted at once, available for @ElementCollection.
- @ElementCollection of JPA 2 supported.
- New renderer engine to layout the user interface.
- Look and feel of date editor improved.
- Several reports in one PDF with the new JasperConcatReportBaseAction.
- @Collapsed annotation to initiate collections and references with the frame closed. Also allowed in XML components.
- New NoCustomizeList controller for disabling list customization to a specific module.
- New stereotype FILE for attached files, it can store the files in DB or file system.
- The user can share a report of 'My reports' with all other users.
- New Addons project added to distribution to contain extended features outside of the OpenXava core.
- New InvoiceDemo project added to distribution.
- Groovy upgraded to 2.2.2.
- JasperReports upgraded to 5.5.1.
- DWR upgraded to 2.0.10.
- JSTL upgraded to 1.2 using Apache Standard Taglibs 1.2.1.
- JavaMail upgraded to 1.5.1.
- Upgrade of commons libraries to: beanutils 1.8.0, logging 1.1.1, digester 2.1, codec 1.9, fileupload 1.3.1, io 2.4, lang 2.6, validator 1.4.0.
- Upgrade to Servlet 2.5 and JSP 2.1.
- Added Commons Lang3 3.2.1 library.
- Tomcat 7 included in distribution.
- Dropped IE6, IE7 and IE8 support.
- Using module.jsp to execute modules from browser is no longer supported.
- Dropped Java 5 support, from now on Java 6 or better is required.
- Dropped WebSphere 6.1 and WebSphere Portal 6.1 support.
- Dropped Tomcat 5.5 support.
- Removed jakarta-oro library, only used by older commons-validator.
- ejb.jar and jpa.jar added to WEB-INF/lib to facilitate deploying in Tomcat.
- MiEscuela project removed from distribution.
- AccessTracking removed from OpenXava distribution.
- Objects class from org.openxava.util removed, you can use XObjects instead.
- New is/setCollapsed() methods in View to close a frame of a reference or collection programmatically.
- Added validateMinimum() and validateMaximum() to CollectionElementViewBaseAction.
- New getPopupPDFPageCount() method in ModuleTestBase.
- New methods setValueInCollection(), assertEditableInCollection() and assertEditableInCollection() in ModuleTestBase.
- New method noFirstTokenWithoutFirstDelim() in Strings.
- When @Digits is specified default scale is ignored even if fraction is not specified.
- Performance of delete action in detail mode action improved.
- Improved behavior with READ COMMITED isolation level.
- New commit() and rollback() methods in BaseAction.
- Methods Is.emptyString() and Is.emptyStringAll() allow infinite number of arguments.
- clearCondition() method removed from ModuleTestBase.


- Fix: Double border when using .ox-frame in the CSS with new renderer.
- Fix: Totals in collections frames are not shown with the new renderer.
- Fix: assertListRowCount() method from ModuleTestBase fails when the value of summationInList property is false.
- Fix: Subcontrollers fails in split mode.
- Fix: Incorrect encoding in emails sent by Emails class.
- Fix: Members inside @NoFrame are not aligned with the outside members.
- Fix: Incorrect default size for java.lang.Boolean.
- Fix: View broken on reload if the module is inside a HTML table.
- Fix: Simple property after group without ; does not layout correctly.
- Fix: A reference with @NoFrame inside a group produces an ugly layout.
- Fix: Error messages for @Size in collections show 'Element' in English always, even if English is not used.
- Fix: Top field with little margin on top with the new renderer.
- Fix: Html id for frames not correct for references with new renderer.
- Fix: Properties aligned by column when it should not in the new renderer.
- Fix: Property icons are not aligned correctly with the new renderer.
- Fix: Scale defined in default-size.xml is ignored when formatting.
- Fix: Scale definition from @Column and @Digits is ignored when formatting.
- Fix: The @LabelStyle annotation is not supported with the new renderer.

Javier Paniza
Source:The OpenXava team
Tags:Software Development
Location:Valencia - Valencia - Spain
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