The Necessary Three Steps before Buying Laser

100mw-green-handheld-laser from
100mw-green-handheld-laser from
June 10, 2014 - PRLog -- Laser pointer is a new symbolize of fashion and cool gadget since it come into market, almost all people can’t resist its attraction ever since the first time they see it and desire to own one themselves. But most people have no idea how to choose suitable laser pointer among thousands of suppliers, especially most of laser pointers are in the similar description but different price. It is necessary to have a brief knowledge of laser pointer so as to choose suitable laser pointer from reliable suppliers.

1.      Keep a sober mind against low price but shoddy laser.

In order to attract more customers, some laser pointer suppliers offer shoddy laser pointers in lower price. Those laser pointers are made with used laser diode inside it and filter is not included to reduce production cost and gain much profit. A new laser diode owns an expected lifetime more than 8,000 hours, while the used laser diode is only able to work for hundreds of hours. It is acknowledged that there comes infrared radiation which is invisible to human being’s eyes, filter is installed behind the lens which enables IR radiation emitting from laser pointer. One can never image how serious incident happens once the filter is removed.

In the meantime, consumers are mainly puzzled by the low price but exquisite outer packing. What buyers should first concentrate is product quality, performance, specification and customer service, etc instead of gorgeous packing. After all, the part of package price is taken from your wallet too.

Buy from reliable laser pointer supplier with CE and FDA approved certificated.

2. Confirm what function of laser pointer one needs.

Laser pointer has an extensive applied range for its high performance, such as industry, presentation, astronomy, military, entertainment, medicine, biology, cosmetology, energy exploitation, signal propagation and so on. In addition, different laser products which owning specific functions are used in different applications. So before purchasing an ideal laser product, it is essential to make clear what function of laser one needs. For instance, green laser pointer is the most sensible to human being’s eyes. Due to its highest sensibility and brightness, green laser pointer is the ideal choice of laser enthusiast and lovers for pointing, aiming and targeting in astronomy research, military and hunting fields. Even not as visible as green laser pointer, red laser pointer is a perfect gadget for indoor pointing and mainly applicable for class teaching, business presentation and museum explanation etc. By emitting a charming and distinguishable blue laser beam, blue laser pointer is also one of the most welcome laser pointers. Its short wavelength makes it the most suitable for thermal and burning experiments in higher powers. It is able to torch through paper, tape, ping-pong balls, cardboard and wooden splints, among other items. IR laser is invisible to human being’s eyes and it is with a good penetrating power, such special characteristic makes it mostly used in industrial instrument, surveillance, and pain therapy and serotonin degradation in patients with myofascial pain syndrome.

3. ehikf Confirm what specification of laser pointer one needs.

Laser pointer is classified by different wavelength and output power. Wavelength determines laser beam color and output power determines its powerful level.

Generally speaking, visible low powered laser pointers from 1mW to 50mW are workable for presentation, stargazing, entertainment. High power laser pointers with an output power more than 150mW can be applied for thermal and burning experiments, for instance, popping balloons, cutting tapes, lighting matches etc.

The special high power laser more than tens of kilowatts has practical applications in military battlefield and scientific research. One must be fully aware that is is a must to have some protective measures when operating high power laser pointers, example, wearing a pair of laser safety goggles.

To select a shoddy laser is not only a waste of money, but also an injury to human health. One can choose proper laser pointer once well knowing its function and specification. Do be more careful before purchasing, and you can finally get the most satisfied laser pointer. In addition, safety knowledge is especially important when holding a high power laser in hands.

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